'Unexpected': Matthew Defends His Text Message Breakup With Hailey After She Gave Birth to Their Daughter (Exclusive)

Matthew Blevins has no regrets when it comes to dumping Hailey Tomlinson via text a week after she [...]

Matthew Blevins has no regrets when it comes to dumping Hailey Tomlinson via text a week after she gave birth to their daughter in order to pursue a relationship with her best friend, Hailey Tilford — and Tilford isn't looking to give up her new relationship anytime soon. In a PopCulture.com exclusive preview of Sunday's all-new episode of Unexpected, things look like they're coming to a head between the new parents as Blevins prepares to come face-to-face with Tomlinson for the first time since their shocking split.

Breaking up with the mother of his child had nothing to do with TIlford, the new couple claims as they head out on a lunch date before Blevins is scheduled to go visit baby Kinsley.

"Matthew texted me a couple of weeks before Kinsley was born telling me that he didn't wanna be with Hailey anymore and that he felt it was toxic and he just wanted to find a way to get out of it," Tilford told the camera. "I, at first, was like, no, you can't, 'cause she was my friend and I had to be there for her, but then again, when he started talking to me and telling me, I seen Matthew's side, it was toxic, he wasn't happy and he shouldn't have to stay in that."

Blevins added, "We argued every night over stupid stuff, every night. Soon as nobody was around, it was a straight argument, she would straight start some s—. I really don't know, it was just not healthy. And I don't know, I didn't feel myself to be happy in the relationship so I left her like, s—."

In his own defense, Blevins said at least he broke up with Tomlinson instead of "going out and just cheating on her and s—."

"At least I told her how I really felt and I don't care if I did it over text or not," he continued. "I wasn't going to her house and doing it 'cause I wasn't getting into with her mom, wasn't gonna yell around my baby. It was easier to do it over text than it is to just go and do it, I guess."

The time came to make his appearance in person, however, with Blevins looking to see his infant daughter and finally see what his ex has to say to him in person. Tilford, meanwhile, was afraid her former friend will manage to convince her new beau to return to their relationship and new family, agreeing to drop him off in order to stake her claim on the visit.

"When I went to drop Matthew off at Hailey's house, I knew that Hailey and [her mom] Tanya would be really mad and it would really get to him," she admitted to the camera. "But that was really my plan is to make them mad 'cause I wanted to show them that now I'm with Matthew and there's nothing they could do about it."

Unexpected airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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