'Unexpected' Fans Slam Mckayla's Mom After She Tries to Crash Her 16-Year-Old's Baby Shower

Pregnant teen Mckayla's mom is not making a good impression on Unexpected fans, trying to crash the 16-year-old's baby shower in what fans thought was a pathetic ploy for attention in this week's episode.

Mckayla, who is expecting her and boyfriend Caelan's first child, was raised by her grandparents due to mom Shannon's past drug problems. After Mckayla announced she was pregnant, her mom revealed that she too was pregnant and would be having her fourth child.

"The only time she wants to be around you is when she needs something," Caelan tells Mckayla about her mom in this week's episode.

He continues, "I'm just being protective over Mckayla, because I don't want her heart to get broken. I want her to be happy."

Shannon tries to pressure Mckayla into having a joint baby shower, but the teen is resistant to the idea.

"At first I was kind of considering the idea and then I didn't want to, because I knew more people would be there for me than for her," she confesses. "I didn't want her to feel like she's less of a person."

Caelan's mom is wary of Shannon, and slams her for being "selfish."

"I definitely feel like Shannon is very selfish. How can you decide to make another child when two of your children aren't raised by you?" she says. "I was completely shocked that a joint baby shower was even mentioned. ...This was all supposed to be about Mckayla and I feel like it pit her in an awkward position."

Shannon, however, doesn't see it that way, saying she's hurt to be invited to the shower like a "typical guest."

"I don't need some petty high school bullsh-t from a grown woman," she says.

When Shannon calls Caelan's mom to yell at her about being excluded from the shower, the woman is not having it.

"Is this a joke right now? Like who has to tell someone to be involved in their own daughter's baby shower?" Caelan's mom says.

"I've changed my path, now what I'm trying to do is change our path, Mckalya and mine," Shannon replies.

Fans were clearly on the side of Caelan's mom, taking to social media to express their thoughts.


Unexpected airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: TLC