'Treasure Quest' Crew Discovers Artifact in Collapsed Tunnel in New Clip

The Treasure Quest adventurers draw ever closer to the $2 billion Sacambaya treasure.In a clip [...]

The Treasure Quest adventurers draw ever closer to the $2 billion Sacambaya treasure.

In a clip from the Discovery reality series' all-new episode Friday, treasure hunter Jeremy Whalen continues his investigation of a collapsed underground cave that Whalen believes stands between the crew and the Western Bolivian gold horde.

Strapping what appears to be a drone to a remote controlled vehicle, he tries to get a glimpse of what is going on further in the cave to see if it is worth further investigation.

"I've gotta squeeze, I'm gonna squeeze it right through the hole," he explains, navigating the technology through the tight quarters with only the slightest sound of nervousness in his voice.

Once the mobile camera gets past the choke point, Whalen realizes he's in deeper than he imagined. "Wow, this thing's deep," he says, adding of his technology, "It seems to be controlling fine, but I don't know how long it's gonna last."

Looking around at the environment in which the drone finds itself, Whalen observes, "Nobody's been in this cave for a hell of a long time."

And when he reaches the item of interest that first caused him to embark on this part of the adventure, he can't conceal his excitement to find that it is what appears to be an ancient mining cart, not unlike what would be found in an ancient gold mine.

"There it is! That has to be what I saw," he says. "That's a wheel. We got a wood wheel in here! We got a cart! That is a mining cart, and that thing's old."

Later, he explains to the camera more of what sparked his excitement.

"I see a cart sitting right there, it's got strapping, two wooden wheels — newer mining carts would have four wheels, so it's very likely this thing is hundreds of years old."

That means he and the team is closer than ever to one of the richest treasures of legend.

"A colossal horde of gold is rumored to be hidden in a remote valley in Western Bolivia," the show's narrator explained in the season premiere. "Over the last three centuries, hundreds have died for this legendary treasure that could be worth over $2 billion. Now, a brave group of treasure hunters, armed with a new lead and intel from a century of past attempts, will use cutting-edge technology and heavy equipment to take the valley's dangers head on. And if they can solve the mystery of the Sacambaya, they can find a trail to the treasure."

Is this the clue that solves the mystery? Or only takes the team deeper into the mystery of the Sacambaya treasure?

Treasure Quest airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Photo credit: Discovery