Tori Roloff Responds to Haters With New Photo of Jackson

Tori Roloff is heading off the haters. After posting a new photo of her 1-year-old son Jackson on social media Saturday, the Little People, Big World star penned a note to mommy shamers in the comments to put them on blast.

In the photo, Tori's husband and Jackson's dad, Zach, is shown driving a tractor on the family farm with Jackson on his back. In another photo, Jackson sits in the driver's seat of the tractor, looking pretty pleased with himself.

(Photo: Instagram / @toriroloff)

"This life we've been given is a gift indeed,"Roloff captioned the photo. "I love you Zach. You're the best dada and husband ever."

As an addendum, knowing how hard people have been on their family, Roloff added, "Before I get ripped apart in the comments please take into consideration my husband and I would never put baby j in harms way. Kthanksenjoy."

(Photo: Instagram / @toriroloff)

People in the comments were loving Tori's preemptive clapback!

"Hey, it's your baby and your the parents and I'm sure zack was the same age when Matt did it!!" one fan wrote. "Always remember you're the parents who cares about others opinions."

Another added, "Pics are so cute tori... disregard all the mean comments, can't understand why they follow you if they haven't anything nice to say."

A third pointed out that children aren't strangers to farm equipment in general.

"Children all over the world get around in tractors with [their] parents, my children did, it's just common sense to make sure [they're] strapped in," they wrote. "Don't let negative people get you down."

But Roloff was smart to make the comment, regardless of her support in this photo's comments. In just April, the couple was blasted for allowing Jackson to sit on Zack's lap while on an inoperative lawn mower.

"No one should ever ride a child on a mower whether the blades are running or not," one fan wrote under that photo. "This is so dangerous. I'm not a hater. I think Zack's family is sweet. Please rethink the mowers rides."


If only the disclaimer wasn't needed...

Photo credit: Instagram/Tori Roloff.