Tonya Harding on Her ‘DWTS’ Success: ‘I Think America Has Proven They Love Me’

Tonya Harding has made it to the Dancing With the Stars finals!The former Olympic figure skater [...]

Tonya Harding has made it to the Dancing With the Stars finals!

The former Olympic figure skater and partner Sasha Farber earned their place in the finale for the abbreviated all-athletes version of the ABC dance competition Monday, and will compete against Adam Rippon and pro Jenna Johnson and Josh Norman and pro Sharna Burgess in the May 21 finale for the Mirrorball Trophy.

After making the final three, Harding opened up about what her time on Dancing With the Stars has meant to her while talking to Us Weekly.

"It's not about fame, it's not about fortune, it's about the journey of life and feeling like America has opened their arms to me and understands me better now," Harding, 47, said. "I'm just another person. I've been knocked down and now I've been picked back up and because of America voting for us, we made it to the finals … I think that America has proven that they love me and they wanted to know what happened, and now they know."

The dance that earned her a spot in the finale was a rumba dedicated to her late father, who passed away nine years ago.

"My dad's really happy. I know because he was out there on the floor with us," she said. "He's squeezing my hands saying, 'It's OK, take a deep breath and just go with it.' I really wanted to honor my father with that dance."

She also hinted at what's next for her personally and professionally, admitting that she has a "several things" coming in.

"Timing is everything and it's all on God's time. I just have to realize that what time I get here is, you have to cherish it, and I'm definitely doing that," she said. "I really don't know what the next step is. There are several things that are coming in, but most importantly is that I'm still, I'm a mommy. My son and my husband are the most important, and secondly, is what comes then. I'm just looking forward to next week. If I get too much on my plate then I kind of go, 'Whoa.'"

As for if she'll ever return to the ice? She isn't sure.

"I've been skating and everything, and I love doing that. I've always loved performing for the people. I never got a chance to do that, which is why when I got this call to do Dancing With the Stars, it opened my heart again," she explained. "Putting myself out on my arm, my heart on my arm, and letting people see me, it's really hard."

The finale of Dancing With the Stars: Athletes airs on ABC on Monday, May 28, at 8 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: ABC