Todd Chrisley Opens up About Complicated Relationship With Son Kyle

Todd Chrisley has had his eyes opened by granddaughter Chloe.The Chrisley Knows Best patriarch [...]

Todd Chrisley has had his eyes opened by granddaughter Chloe.

The Chrisley Knows Best patriarch opened up about caring for the 5-year-old daughter of his son Kyle, with whom he has a complicated relationship, prior to the Season 6 premiere of the USA Network reality show Tuesday, May 8 at 10 p.m. ET.

The little girl was only 6-months-old when she came to live with Todd and his wife Julie, and previously appeared on Seasons 1-3 before stepping off camera for Season 4 and returning a year later.

"Now she's old enough to understand that it's a show, and that she wants to be involved, and she enjoys filming, and you know we're blessed," Todd told PEOPLE Now Tuesday. "I say God gives you what you never knew you needed, and we needed that. She has literally changed our life in so many different ways. She's opened our eyes to so many things we didn't even know existed."

One of those things includes the realities of racism in America.

"We had never dealt with racism," Todd admitted, "and we have learned that it's a very prevalent situation in this country, and we learned that unfortunately the hard way with negative things that were said about her on social media."

He continued: "So at that point, we made a conscious decision that she is our child, she is our family member, and we're not going to be a part of anything that causes her to feel less than.

As for Kyle, who reportedly does not stay in touch with his parents or siblings, after marrying wife Alexus and moving to Georgia, Todd appeared to be optimistic about their relationship.

"He's doing great," he said of his son. "He just built a new home. He's doing his own thing — he's working and he's not in the spotlight."

In the future, Todd hopes the family can be reunited and that Chloe will have a different connection to her biological father.

"Chloe is with us, and my hope is that as time progresses that she will know who her daddy is ... and their relationship will change at some point," Todd added.

Chrisley Knows Best Season 6 premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

Photo credit: USA Network/Tommy Garcia