'The Challenge: USA': Cinco and Azah Talk Cookout Drama, Relationship Updates, and More (Exclusive)

The Challenge: USA said goodbye to two more contestants on Wednesday's episode — Love Island's Melvin "Cinco" Holland Jr. and Big Brother's Azah Awasum. Cinco and Azah, unfortunately, found themselves in last place in the daily challenge. As a result, they were sent directly into the elimination, where they lost to Survivor's Sarah Lacina and Amazing Race's Leo Temory. Following their loss, the pair got to speak with PopCulture.com about their time on The Challenge: USA and they opened up about everything from the recent Cookout civil war to some ongoing Love Island drama. (This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity). 

PopCulture.com: So, let's head right into that elimination. Were you guys surprised by your opponents? It was a big blindside for everyone, but I don't know if you guys were prepared to go against a specific couple, if Cash and Tyson mentioned a couple that you guys were going to go against?

In Tyson We Trust
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Azah: We had a bit of a hint that it was going to be Sarah and Leo, but for that, we were just thankful that we didn't participate in actually putting that name out there. So, for me, I was a little bit overrun with fear of Sarah's wrath, that's what I was worried about. 

Cinco: Sarah's a trip. We kind of knew, but it was still kind of up in the air. Ty [Tyson Apostol] gave us kind of a hint of what we were going to go against earlier that day, said they he'd let us know later, but later never came, so we [were] just like, 'Okay. Well, maybe that's it. Maybe it's going to change. I don't know.' But, at the end of the day, we didn't see anybody. It was really on them what they put on the air. I was confident of Azah and our partnership just competing against anybody. So, we weren't really too worried. We were just like, 'Hey, look, whoever comes in front of us, let's compete and just do our best.' What else?

PC: And you guys mentioned that you didn't mention any names to Cash [Proudfoot] and Tyson on purpose, but was there a pair that you guys did have in mind that you were looking to go against, or were you guys just preparing to go against anybody?

Azah: For what we talked with each other, from just not looking at shows, not looking at anything, Alyssa [Lopez] and David [Alexander] did seem like a good option because they had money that would qualify us for a final. But, we didn't feel comfortable saying anything out loud because that's somebody who's in my alliance, and if I'm going to utter someone in my alliance's name, and we already have all these pictures and things, from a social standpoint it would not be good for me. So, we did feel it was best to keep quiet and not get any blood on our hands at all. 

In Tyson We Trust
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PC: Yeah. And I love that game of chicken there that you guys had going on. You guys were not saying anything, they would not say anything. It was funny to watch. 

Cinco: I'll say, even around the house, people would just ask us what's going on and everything, this and that. People that we barely even talk to were asking questions, so it's like ... Not even just that room, but all through the compound, we had to do that.

PC: So, it was a little bit hushed in the compound there. Interesting to hear. And you know, Azah, you did mention that there were some fissures in your alliance there. I feel like we didn't get a lot of that follow-up from last week with Alyssa and Kyland [Young] blindsiding Xavier [Prather], so ... I want to know updates about the group chat. I want to know updates about what the vibe was like in the house after that situation there? What were you thinking? Were you still going to work with them, or do you have your eye on them after that?

Azah: Okay. Well, group chat is still there. Don't worry. No one's left. It's not as popping, but it's still around. It's still there. Already, coming into Big Brother, I did feel like I was just more of a number, not much, but a lot of strategic decisions that Big Brother made, I wasn't really involved in them ... I was the only Big Brother player in the house that had no knowledge about Xavier getting put in. So, I kind of already felt like I was a bit on an island of my own when it came to Big Brother, that from an outside looking in standpoint, it appears that we're together, but at least I kind of felt like everyone's kind of playing their own game.

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PC: Interesting to note there. And you know, I wanted to ask some questions, Cinco, about the whole Cash situation there. It's so funny how full-circle this is. The last time I spoke with you, it was all about the Cash relationship there, and I'm still asking you about updates. I wanted to know, what's the status of your relationship with her? You guys did have a little bit of tension in the house, so I wanted to know if you guys are still even in contact?

Cinco: No, we haven't been in contact, but I feel like we're both just on our own time. I have no animosity towards the girl. I wish her the best, but at the same time, I just feel like we both know that it's not going to work out, you know what I mean? So, we're just doing our own thing. 

PC: And I did hear rumblings, I don't know how true this is, but I heard some rumors about maybe Justine [Ndiba]? I've been hearing something about that. So, is there anything going there? Maybe you can dispel anything?

Cinco: Yeah, no. It's always just rumors. It's just rumors. People visit, come say, "What's up?" And immediately see rumors about Tiffany ... and it's not true. We're literally just friends.

In Tyson We Trust
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PC: Nice to clear that up. And as we're winding down here, I wanted to know, would you guys come back to The Challenge? Say Challenge: USA has its second season, would you guys be game to do all of these intense challenges again?

Azah: Definitely! I am a new fan. I've become a fan of the show. I didn't even really know about the show before coming in. Now, I've seen multiple seasons, I have opinions on things. I'm taking swimming lessons. I'm ready.

Cinco: I'm ready too. Definitely ready. Just waiting for that call. 

PC: I love to hear that. And you know, we have Challenge: USA, but what about the MTV version? I don't know if they do crossovers there. Would you do something like that with all of the CTs, the Jordans? 

Azah: No, they be fighting, fighting over there. I don't know how to fight, fight, so I don't know. I don't know, but I like what I have with CBS. I like The Challenge Lite.

Cinco: Oh, no. I'm ready. I'll definitely go. I'll definitely go just to see everybody, and be around them, and see other gamers in person. And I be feeling myself too much, but I feel like I can take some ... They getting old now, you know what I mean? CT is getting old. Wes is getting old. I feel like I could give them a little trouble, but nah. Any opportunity, anywhere, I'll definitely enjoy the whole challenge.