'The Challenge': Kam Talks Joining 'All Stars' After Motherhood, Tense Ayanna 'Moment,' And More

Kam Williams spoke with PopCulture.com about Season 4 of 'The Challenge: All Stars,' premiering April 10.

It's been a few years since The Challenge fans have seen Kam Williams back in action. Since her last appearance, which came on Double Agents, she has welcomed two children with her fiancé Leroy Garrett. Now, fans will get to see a whole new side to "Killa Kam" on Season 4 of The Challenge: All Stars, which premiered on Paramount+ on Wednesday, April 10. In advance of the newest season, PopCulture.com got to chat with the fierce competitor, who not only explained why she decided to come back but also teased what fans can expect from the highly-anticipated All Stars season. 

Kam explained that she was the one who initially got the call for All Stars. Despite Leroy previously stating that he was retired from the show, Kam knew that she wanted her real-life partner to join her on the Challenge spinoff. One of the biggest reasons why they both decided to come back to the show was so that they could get back to what they know and love — The Challenge — after welcoming their first child together, a son named Kingston. Kam opened up about how both she and Leroy went through a "postpartum depression moment," and she encouraged her partner to join her on The Challenge: All Stars so that they could get back to a better place mentally. 

"I just told him, 'Babe, you're coming with me.' He was like, 'What?' But I just sat him down and talked to him about those reasons why," Kam shared. "And as I said, even with him going through postpartum, I'm like, "This will kind of bring you back to you being yourself." Just get away from being a parent. You don't have to completely and fully identify as a parent. You're Leroy first. You're you first." Saying "yes" to the season seemed to do the trick, as Kam stressed that she and Leroy are doing well and things are "looking very great" and "positive" for them since welcoming their second child in February, a daughter named Aria. 

For the couple, everything aligned perfectly for them to join this All Stars season. Still, coming in as a committed pair could present its fair share of issues on The Challenge. But, Kam wasn't worried about whether this would place a target on their backs, as she said, "The thing is, if you are to even attempt to get rid of one of us, especially unsuccessfully, now you have both of us coming for you. And if you were to get rid of one of us, the other is still there. So I was not worried about that at all because one thing about me, I'm going to try to outsmart you."

Kam also wasn't worried about whether coming in as the sole Are You the One? alum (and the first to join The Challenge: All Stars) would paint a target on her back. But, of course, she did experience some drama in the house all the same, namely with Ayanna Mackins. There have been rumors that Kam and Ayanna exchanged words while in the house. Kam acknowledged that they "definitely had a moment," but she doesn't have any bad blood for the competitor now.

"I'm seeing the bigger side of things. Obviously, [with] everybody, it is not going to all be rainbows and sunshine and da, da, da, da, da. We definitely had a moment, but just based on everything that she's going through in real life and stuff, it's like I don't hate the girl, I don't hate anyone," she explained, referencing how Ayanna is currently battling cancer. "It's so out of my character to have hate in my heart at all. But, we definitely had a moment. We had a moment. I could say that. But am I holding it against her to this day in real life? Absolutely not. And I wish her nothing but the best along with everyone else."

As previously mentioned, Season 4 of The Challenge: All Stars marks Kam's first season of the series since becoming a mom. Now, she's ready to leave her mark on the franchise yet again from a competitive standpoint and show everyone just how much mothers are a force to be reckoned with. 

"For this season of All Stars, I could honestly dedicate it to all the mothers out there, The Challenge moms and the soon-to-be moms, or just any parent in general. Your life should not stop because you become a parent," Kam said. "Seriously, put you first. As selfish as that might sound, it is something that you have to do because if you are the best version of yourself, you're going to be the best version of yourself for your partner and your children. So do you and put you first, even if you have kids." Season 4 of The Challenge: All Stars airs on Wednesdays on Paramount+.