'The Challenge: All Stars' Gets Physical With Classic 'Mud Bowl' Mission (Exclusive)

The Challenge: All Stars may have only recently premiered, but the competition is already heating up in a major way. For the competitors' next mission, they're tasked with an all-time Challenge classic — a mud brawl. In an exclusive sneak from the next episode, the women are up for first as they take on their most physical task yet. 

As Derrick Kosinski describes, this is a true Challenge classic (or "Mud Bowl Classic of the World") that the All Stars are facing. Host TJ Lavin explained that there are 10 women competing in the mission but only 9 balls available. In an effort to avoid being sent into elimination, they'll have to pick up one of those balls and bring it back to the starting line. Of course, that means that one not-so-lucky lady will be left without a ball and will consequently be sent straight into elimination. Based on the clip, it appears as though it will be Veronica Portillo and Kendal Darnell battling it out for that final ball. But, who will come out on top? And who will earn a coveted spot in the Authority? You'll have to tune in on Wednesday to find out. 

The third season of The Challenge: All Stars premiered on Wednesday, May 11. The season brings back your favorite competitors from Real World and Road Rules as they try to earn their share of the $500,000 grand prize. As you can see in the exclusive sneak peek, the competition is truly on another level for Season 3. Ahead of the season premiere, PopCulture.com got to chat with the Challenge's "Godfather" himself, Mark Long, about the competition. According to the Road Rules alum, the level of competition for Season 3 is unlike anything that fans have seen before. 


Long said that in previous seasons, there would be a few competitors who might be able to hold the "layup" card, "But, on Season 3, from the top to bottom, girls and guys, there's none of that." He went on to say that fans are going to love all of the twists and turns that Season 3 has in store. The reality star said, "I want Season 3 to set that bar so high that other shows that follow it are going to have to step up and produce and I'm looking forward to it. You are going to love it. The word I described is epic because it is epic, epic, epic from the beginning to [the[ end. And huge moments, huge surprises, huge twists from TJ, yelling, crying, laughing. It has it all." New episodes of The Challenge: All Stars are available to stream on Wednesdays via Paramount+