'The Bachelorette': Chris Harrison Thinks Clare Crawley Was 'Cyber-Stalking' Dale Moss Before Her Season

Chris Harrison believes Clare Crawley and Dale Moss when they insist they didn't communicate before meeting on The Bachelorette. The leading lady's instant connection with the former pro football player, who proposed after just two weeks of knowing her, caused fans to speculate that the couple had been talking ahead of their season during the production shutdown, but both Crawley and Moss have vehemently denied it.

Harrison revealed on Thursday's new episode of Better Together With Maria Menounos that he believes the duo. "I think [Crawley] was cyber-stalking this guy and truly became infatuated with him online," Harrison said of the former lead's admission that she had looked at Moss' Instagram before filming. "She had specific things she really liked about him from his Instagram. She had been in love with this guy for months, and as soon as he validated that with a warm smile and a nice smell, it was a ball game."

It was a "scary" thing for Bachelorette producers to be dealing with a lead who was so sure in what she wanted right off the bat, Harrison said, and the situation prompted them to bring in Tayshia Adams as the second Bachelorette of the season. "Hitting the pause button on the show was something unbelievably difficult to do, and unprecedented, and kind of scary, because we were putting these guys on ice for 18-24 hours," the Bachelor Nation host said. "We didn't really tell them anything."

With Moss' proposal to Crawley, the two made their exit from the show to begin their lives together, and Harrison revealed that Adams had been quarantined and waiting on deck to begin filming as soon as the model popped the question. Now it's Adams' turn to find her match on the ABC dating show as Crawley and Moss plan for their wedding and having kids.


"Everything since the show has been reaffirming of why I chose Dale," Crawley told PEOPLE Wednesday. "He's even better off-camera, in person, one-on-one at home. Dale is the yin to my yang. And this is the happiest I've ever been." The couple is also managing to shake off the naysayers who thought their relationship is moving too fast. "For me personally, there is no explanation needed," said Moss. "I've never been afraid of commitment. And when I met Clare, I knew I was all in. She lights a fire in me that I was missing for so long."