'Temptation Island': Kady and John, Nicole and Karl Come Face-to-Face in Explosive Final Bonfires

It's time for Temptation Island's Nicole Tutewohl and Kady Krambeer to come face-to-face with boyfriends Karl Collins and John Thurmond after a month of testing their relationships in the wildest possible way.

In the first part of the USA Network series' emotional final bonfire specials Tuesday, two of the four couples were reunited following a month of finding connection and temptation with the singles on Temptation Island.

Going into their first time together in a month, Karl and Nicole appeared to be at a totally different place in their relationship.

"I just feel inside that I'm not supposed to be with Karl," Nicole admitted to the cameras, while Karl confessed that in spite of everything, "I still love her. I just need to know if she loves me, too."

Among the singles, Nicole found an emotional and sexual connection with Tyler Sabino, while Karl found himself drawn to Brittney Rose in a way he admitted "went too far."

"I don't know what it's going to look like, going forward with you," he told Nicole. "I hope that we can figure something out, but I don't know what that's going to look like."

Nicole, on the other hand, said that she learned during her time on the island that she had "a wall up" that wasn't allowing her to progress past a "surface-level" connection with her boyfriend of three years.

"If we choose to move forward together, we would have to choose to be very strong and grow for us to be happy," she told Karl.

At first, the couple decided to go home together, at least until they could figure things out off-camera, but were called out for their awkward body language and cold demeanor towards one another, which they attributed to deeper issues with loyalty and trust from early on.

When pushed further, Nicole admitted she did want to leave without Karl, calling off their relationship while she explored her own life without him.

"It's hurtful, but know that I understand," Karl told her after confessing he still loved her. "If this is for the better, I want nothing more than for you to explore yourself and figure out what you need to figure out."

Learning how strong she was, Nicole said tearfully in the limo home that she knew everything would be O.K., but lamented breaking the heart of someone who still loved her.

Heading into John and Kady's reunion, things were definitely tense after Kady's emotional and physical connection with Dr. Johnny Alexander helped drive John into the bed of Kathryn Golden.

"I've seen Kady's true colors come out," John said ahead of the meeting. "I'm ready to confront her as a man and being a good father and ask her why she decided to let a man get in her bed."

Kady, meanwhile, was feeling remorseful: "I love John so much. I know I have hurt him throughout this experience, and just having to face him face-to-face for the first time is gonna crush me."

Calling the experience a "necessary evil," Kady told John she thought the process had taught her how much she loved him, but John couldn't get over the comments she made about him, disparaging him as a man and future father.

"I want a woman that's gonna build me up, not tear me down," he told her in tears.

It was then that Kady doubled down before it was revealed their bonfire would be continued in next week's finale: "For me, I just can't see myself having children with you," she told him, dealing the final blow, "You make me not want to have kids."


Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

Photo credit: USA