'Teen Mom': Prison Housing Ryan Edwards Accused of Harassment, Inadequate Health Care

Teen Mom alum Ryan Edwards is serving time at a prison with a history of allegedly mistreating [...]

Teen Mom alum Ryan Edwards is serving time at a prison with a history of allegedly mistreating inmates.

The former reality television star will stay behind bars in Tennessee's Hamilton County Jail until his court date on April 15. He was first arrested on heroin and theft charges on Jan. 23.

In a new report by Radar, several lawsuits against the facility surfaced that give insight into what Edwards' life behind bars might be like as he awaits his day in court.

In a complaint filed on May 14, 2015, inmate Nolan Lucas was serving a 90-day sentence in the jail when he claimed a deputy was passing out shaving razors and had an altercation with him.

After Lucas rejected the razor, the deputy allegedly said: "You are sweating. Are you sure nobody is under the blanket sucking on your neck?"

Lucas claimed the comment left him "humiliated, embarrassed and harassed. Despite his claim that the comments violated "the sexual harassment clause," the case was dismissed.

The outlet then named another lawsuit brought by inmate Daniel Taylor on Sept. 30, 2015, who sued the jail for serving him cold food as an alternative treatment for a medical condition.

"Because of that, I have had heartburn very bad," according to the complaint. "I am a diabetic and because of that I've been served cold food trays while the other inmates are served hot food trays."

The complaint adds that Taylor was told there wasn't enough room in the warming over to put his food tray, and he claimed further that his meals did not meet "dietary allowances for the basic nutrition." The case was also dismissed.

In 2017, George Blackwell sued the jail because he claimed he was being given inadequate medical care.

He claimed the medical provider disregarded an appointment with him. He claims his hand remains "permanently damaged." The case was also dismissed.

Radar also mentioned the 2018 case of Robert Gill Jr., filed on Oct. 29, 2018, claiming he won an appeal for his case but the jail changed his out-date and delayed it purposefully. The court responded to his claims saying he had not paid a filing fee or submitted proper documents.

As Edwards continues to serve his prison sentence, wife Mackenzie Standifer debunked rumors the couple is headed toward separation.

"I speak with Ryan daily," she said during an Instagram Live, where she also said she had no plans to divorce Edwards.

When asked if Jagger, who the couple welcomed back in October, takes more after her or Edwards, Standifer said the baby inherited all of his dad's features, and "he loves his dad."

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