'Teen Mom OG': Mackenzie McKee Discovers Mom May Have Only 6 Months to Live

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee was faced is faced with a brutal realization in the latest sneak preview for the show. The reality star learns that her mother has been given just six months to live, forcing some hard conversations for her family.

The latest teaser for Teen Mom finds McKee paying a visit to her mother, Angie Douthit. Douthit has been sick for some time now, suffering from cancer in her lungs and throughout her body. She was in remission for some time but in May, the disease returned, with a worse prognosis than ever. This week, it appears Douthit will give her daughters the latest timeline on her treatment and her hopes of survival.

"Did you ask [the doctor] what to expect?" McKee asked in the clip.

"I asked him," her mother said. "He said six months would be really, really pushing it. The doctors know they can't do anything about this, really."

McKee and her sister were visibly devastated by the news, which their mother delivered while the three of them sat pensively on the front porch. Douthit was not thrilled either, of course, and talked about how hard it was just to share the grim prospects.

"I wanted to tell you I was better, but they told me that it's in both femurs, it's in my breast bone, it's in my hip bones, this backbone that's attached to your hip bones, it's back there," she said. "It's in half of my liver, it's in the lymph nodes in my colon, and the lymph nodes in my lungs. I have another tumor in my head."

"Like I always say, the bigger the cancer, the bigger the miracle. And God can do whatever he wants," she added.

Contemplating this grave diagnosis, Douthit talked a little about her legacy, specifically in the eyes of her grandkids. She lamented the fact that she does not think they will remember her well as they grow older, but she asked McKee and her sister to tell them what they could about her.

"The hardest part is knowing my grandkids won't remember me," she said. McKee did her best to ease this sad thought.

"I don't know where Gannon would be right now if you weren't there," McKee answered. "He knows who raised him for three years."


"I hope I've been a good mom and a good Nanny, and I hope you guys will tell your kids about me all the time," Douthit said.

The full scene will play out on ths week's episode of Teen Mom OG. The show airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.