'Teen Mom OG': Mackenzie McKee Blows up After Husband Josh Goes MIA

In tonight's episode of Teen Mom OG, new guest mom Mackenzie McKee got angry at husband Josh McKee, who went missing when she needed him to help take care of their three kids. Last week, fans saw how McKee is frequently concerned by Josh's behavior on the road with a rodeo.

While Josh was away in last week's episode, McKee was told he was spotted at a bar canoodling with other women. Josh insisted nothing happened, and McKee forgave him. In a scene MTV released before Monday's episode aired, McKee said Josh took a break from the rodeo, and McKee thought he would be around to help out with their children, Gannon, 7, Jaxie, 5, and Broncs, 2.

"My mom is starting a new chemotherapy treatment as a last resort to cure her cancer, so I really need her help so I can focus on my fitness business," McKee said.

McKee then went on to show a Teen Mom OG producer how she prepares for a fitness competition. She recently started her Body By Mac business, which is now their primary source of income. To get in more clients, she started competing in bikini competitions and posted videos.

Making time for the workouts have been difficult since her mother began her cancer treatment, so she was really looking forward to Josh being around. But one day, Josh decided to help out a friend with yard work. It took much longer than she expected and he could not get a hold of him on the phone.

"I used to call my mom for help, but she's been too sick to care for the kids. So I really need Josh to step up," McKee said.

Eventually, McKee reached Josh and was stunned to hear him say he shut off his phone.

"You can't do that when you have a wife and kids! What if there was an emergency?" McKee said. "I'm going to work out. I don't know what your plans are. What are you doing because I need help with the kids? I'm not just gonna take care of them all day by myself."

Amazingly, Josh suggested the kids could play outside while she works out, but McKee thought that idea was impossible.

"You just go, bye," Josh said as he hung up on her.

"Lovely time for your dad to disappear in life, right?" McKee asked one of her children. "This makes me so mad. I want to drive to where he is and scream."

McKee first appeared on 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 3. She returned to the franchise in last week's episode as a guest mom and is expected to appear in the remaining episodes of Teen Mom OG's season.


New episodes of Teen Mom OG air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV