'Teen Mom OG': Farrah Abraham 'Disgusted' By Amber Portwood Over Shocking Leaked Audio

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham reacted to the alleged recording of co-star Amber Portwood attacking Andrew Glennon. Abraham linked to the audio, calling it "child abuse" and calling for "jail time." She called the alleged events in the audio "disturbing, disgusting and illegal."

Back on Sept. 13, YouTuber Katherine Paulson shared audio she claims came from a Glennon family member and is authentic. According to Paulson, the two people heard in the audio are Glennon and Portwood, and it captures the July 5 fight that ended with Portwood being arrested for domestic battery. During the incident, Glennon held their 1-year-old son James, and Portwood allegedly threatened Glennon with a machete.

Abraham linked to Paulson's video on two Instagram Story posts on Monday and weighed in on the situation.

"If all the 'moms' on this show support this behavior [they're] all unfit moms, the show is response for this relationship, this [is] child [abuse]. It's disturbing, disgusting and illegal," Abraham wrote. "Wow this was sent to me today... I'm so disgusted by the cast of Teen Mom... The injustice, no ethics, illegal abusive behavior in front of a child. 10 years same [behavior]... JAIL TIME FOR THIS FREAK."

In the second post, Abraham thanked Paulson for sharing the audio.

"Thank you for sharing this as this show [is] allowing children to be used, abused, mistreated and puppets for a show is completely sad, disgusting, heartbreaking and illegal," Abraham wrote. "This child like Leah [Portwood's daughter with Gary Shirley] needs to be far away from the freak Amber who doesn't want to watch her own child."

Abraham was not the only Teen Mom OG star to weigh in on the situation after the audio was leaked.

"All I can say is that I am a praying for everyone involved.. my heart is so sad after what I heard and I hope she gets the help she needs," Cheyenne Floyd tweeted on Sept. 14.

Portwood denied the allegations in an interview with Dr. Drew Pinskey during the Teen Mom OG reunion.

"I literally opted out of a drug court a long time ago to put myself in prison to help myself... Why would I jeopardize... you haven't heard s— from me since then, haven't gotten in trouble one time," Portwood said. "But all of a sudden I'm running after him with a machete? You're insane."

Although Abraham slammed Teen Mom OG because of Portwood, she has said she is still interested in coming back. She told Radar Online last week she is still in contact with Teen Mom producers and would return if Floyd was dropped.

"I go out now with the executives of Teen Mom and I hang out with producers," Abraham claimed. "Things must be my way or I don't come back. I don't share my seasons with newbies. I'll come back if it's OG all the way."

Teen Mom OG is now on hiatus, but Teen Mom 2 is airing on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.


Photo credit: Getty Images