Gary Shirley Discovers Devastating Results of 'Teen Mom' Paternity Test

Gary Shirley's world was turned upside down on Monday's episode of Teen Mom OG when he discovered [...]

Gary Shirley's world was turned upside down on Monday's episode of Teen Mom OG when he discovered that the man he grew up thinking was his father had no relation to him.

While ex Amber Portwood anxiously awaited the birth of her second child with boyfriend Andrew Glennon, Shirley awaited the results of a DNA test that would confirm for good whether his father was his mom's ex Jody Patterson.

When Shirley got the results of the test in the mail, he handed the envelope to wife Kristina Anderson, who broke the news to him that Patterson was not his dad.

The family was devastated by the results.

"Zero percent," Shirley said, reading the paternity test. "So he's not my biological father. Jody's not going to like that."

"Here I am shaking! It would be nice to know who is! Maybe that's an honest conversation you should have with your mom," added Anderson, crying. "I know how much it means to Gary, wanting to know. And he wants a father in his life. Part of me wanted him to be yours!"

"I hope it don't change anything [with Jody]," said Shirley. "It's going to be a hard conversation to have with him."

Despite the test results, Patterson told Shirley that the two wouldn't experience any change in their relationship.

"That's alright, I'll still be around," he insisted.

After the episode aired, Shirley took to Twitter to process his thoughts with fans.

"I'm still processing the DNA test," he said. "I've always thought jody was my Dad. Learning he wasn't makes me feel like there a huge hole in my life. I fill that hole by trying to be the best dad to my kids. Jody has [only] recently been active in my life so this is still a learning curve."

He continued: "He's in my life now as of the past 4 years. I just wonder who my father is. I have an idea. But still just trying to figure out my next steps."

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