'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Releases Video After Arrest, Says She Was Targeted Because 'I'm Famous'

Farrah Abraham was arrested this week after an alleged altercation with an employee at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the Teen Mom star was released hours later.

In a video shared with TMZ after her release, Abraham claimed that she is the real victim in the situation and that she was targeted because she is a celebrity.

"I was targeted," she said in the clip. "Things are made up, I can handle it, it is fine. My family, my friends helped me."

She continued, "I don't know who called the cops, why people called the cops. I know it's very hard being a public figure or celebrity, if you will, I'm not even about that. That is what happens when you are targeted."

The 27-year-old alleged that a male hotel guest intruded on her conversation, saying that she was with her friends and "someone was trying to be involved."

"It's all sorted," she concluded. "I'm really sorry that this is blown out of proportion and I just need to focus on my work and my projects."

Abraham was arrested for misdemeanor battery and trespassing and was booked and held on a $500 bail. The reality star has not been charged but her court date is set for August 13.

A spokesperson for the Beverly Hills Police Department told People that police responded to the hotel "for a report of a disturbance inside the hotel restaurant."

"Officers arrives shortly thereafter and made contact with the person complained of, Farrah Abraham," a spokesperson for the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office said.

"A male adult hotel security officer reported that he asked Abraham to leave the hotel after she refused to disengage from a verbal altercation with hotel guests," they continued. "The security officer reported that Abraham struck him in the face with her forearm, grabbed his ear and pushed him in the face as he attempted to prevent her from re-entering the hotel."

The victim "sustained a minor injury and was not transported to a hospital," and "officers noted that Abraham exhibited signs of intoxication during the investigation."

Abraham also took to Instagram after the incident to share her thoughts.

"I chose this life and I handle being targeted as a public figure & public punching bag ALL is Fair In Farrah's world," she wrote. "I will never believe the lies that people need to sell to make a dollar off me."


"Happy it's all recorded and documented as I should never feel unsafe and be targeted at a hotel I'm staying at," the MTV star continued. "The Beverly Hills hotel truly allowed misconduct by staff to a paying guest there's no need for me or anyone else to be treated this way."

Photo Credit: TMZ