'Teen Mom': Farrah Abraham Accuses Politician of Sexual Assault, Sparking Resignation

Windsor, California mayor Dominic Foppoli is resigning from office after an investigation published by the San Francisco Chronicle revealed multiple women –– including Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham –– who accused the dubbed "mayor of wine country" of sexual assault. Following the original report, Foppoli denied having done anything "non-consensual" with any of the women. He first refused to resign from office, but after Abraham came forward accusing him of misconduct, he seems to have changed his mind. Though, he also attempts to discredit her claims in his official letter.

"It is with a heavy heart that I am resigning, effective today," Foppoli wrote in a statement. "I have always and will always maintain that I did not engage in any non-consensual sexual acts with any woman. I recently learned that a woman in Palm Beach, Florida is accusing me of non-consensual acts while I was visiting there in March of this year. She made her allegations after she learning of the April 8, 2021 San Francisco Chronicle story. I have no doubt she is making these allegations in an attempt to leverage the situation to her advantage." Abraham filed charges against Foppoli on April 2 in Palm Beach, Florida. Her attorney Spencer Kuvin called the allegation "very serious" and claims she has photographic, video and audio proof of the situation, which was turned over to Palm Beach police.


The five women who accused Foppoli allege the incidents took place between 2002 to 2019 and include situations of forced oral copulation and rape. The Sonoma County Sheriff's Office has opened an investigation. Foppoli announced he would take a "step back" from his mayoral duties in April. "Through prayer and in speaking with residents over the course of this week, it has become clear to me that the Town Council will not function at the level expected by its citizens if I remain actively involved, given the strong reaction to the allegations against me," he said in a previous statement. Windsor Vice Mayor Sam Salmon has been acting in his place during his absence.