'Teen Mom' Dad Gary Shirley Defends Amber Portwood Amid Vacation Drama: 'We Family'

Gary Shirley is reassuring Teen Mom OG fans that all is well in his and wife Kristina's [...]

Gary Shirley is reassuring Teen Mom OG fans that all is well in his and wife Kristina's relationship with Amber Portwood.

After viewers of the MTV series criticized Portwood for taking her and Gary's daughter Leah out parasailing while her ex and his wife watched her newborn son, Portwood took to Twitter to slam fans for trying to create a "rift" in her relationship with Kristina.

Gary soon weighed in as well, writing, "Every parent deserves a break. [Kristina] offered [to] watch James [to] give [Portwood] some much deserved rest. That's perfectly fine. We don't have a whole lot of people to lean on so we have each other we do our best for [Leah], Emilee, [and] James. We are a unique family."

He added, "So let's all understand we all can judge a few seconds of someone's life, but never know what's going on fully. [Portwood] [and] I are trying our best to be positive for Leah and all involved. It was only one day, and we offered 'cause we knew they both needed some rest. We family."

As previously reported, Portwood was a bit more impassioned in her original tweets that brought the criticism to light.

"I never get to see my daughter barely and now that I am you guys have the audacity to complain about me wanting to do something like parasailing with her?" Portwood tweeted Tuesday, tagging Kristina. "It's something she can remember and cherish and you all are turning it into a [pity] party when no one even cared!"

She added, "It's you guys and the network who tries to put this rift between me and [Kristina] and sorry but it's not going to work this time."

Kristina has not directly responded, but retweeted a fan whom she appears to agree with regarding the matter.

"I think the editing made it look like there was more of an 'issue' than there was. Kristina may have been hurt, but I am sure she understood why you changed plans," the user wrote. "You had limited time with your daughter, so it was a good choice to do something together."

All's well in the Shirley/Portwood family!

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Kristina Shirley