'Teen Mom' Briana DeJesus' Daughter Undergoes Heart Surgery

Briana DeJesus' 1-year-old daughter, Stella, underwent emergency heart surgery this week, the Teen Mom 2 star wrote on Twitter this week. She told Radar Online that Stella has "septic arthritis", a joint infection that she says is "common in kids."

"My poor little baby," she tweeted on Thursday with a frowny face.

"It's been a hectic day for me but she's ok. She's out of surgery. Will I've a bigger update to everyone once I have her in my arms!" she responded to a fan asking if Stella was OK.

"Stressful stressful day but Stella is resting and that's all that matters," DeJesus wrote later.

On her Instagram Story, DeJesus, wrote that "Stella is out of surgery and she's ok." In another update, she shared a photo of "cuddles with my sweet pea" followed by a black and white video of Stella smiling and laughing.

(Photo: Instagram / @_brianadejesus)

"My baby is already feeling better," she captioned a photo of Stella, whom she shares with ex Luis Hernandez, playing with her toys on Friday morning.

DeJesus told Radar that while the septic arthritis is under control for now, there's a chance that it "could always come back."

DeJesus has previously opened up about Stella's heart condition, saying she "has holes in her heart" and that she's also lactose intolerant. "We just have to monitor her breathing," she told Radar Online.

On Stella's first birthday, DeJesus told fans that she "no longer has heart murmurs and all the holes [in her heart] are closed."

DeJesus has criticized Hernandez for his lack of involvement in Stella's life. "He hasn't asked about the risk factors or anything," she claimed on Twitter. "Her heart is working so hard and it might just give up."

"She needs a father in her life. This is why we kept her," she told Hernandez, referencing the fact that they almost put her up for adoption. "There is no reason why you're in the same state as her and you haven't seen her or done anything for her. You hardly even ask how she's doing."


But even though Hernandez may not be as big a part of Stella's life as DeJesus may wish, she says she can always count on her other daughter, Nova.

"[Nova] helps me out so much. I'm so glad she adores her sister," she told Radar.