'Teen Mom': Amber Portwood Gets Rare Win in Custody Battle

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has been involved in a custody battle over her son James for some time now. In July 2022, her ex, Andrew Glennon, was granted full custody of their son. But, as The Sun noted, Portwood just scored a significant win in this ongoing legal matter. 

A source told the publication that Portwood has "passed all of her court-ordered drug tests." January also marked a big turning point for Portwood in this custody battle. According to an insider, January is the last month that Portwood and Glennon will have to submit to drug tests in relation to their custody case. The source told The Sun, "The court had set a specific time frame for them to be tested before allowing them to co-parent James without the extra oversight." Now, the Teen Mom star has even more visitation with her son. 

Thanks to this recent win, Portwood will have five full days per month for her visits with her young son. She previously was entitled to three full days. The reality star must travel to California to visit James, as Glennon recently moved there with him. In between her visits, Portwood does keep in contact with James by FaceTiming him. 

Things appear to be looking up for Portwood in this custody case. The matter came to a head in July 2022 when Glennon was granted full custody of their son. He was given sole legal and primary custody of the child. Even though he was granted full custody, the judge did advise him to "seek out and consider the mother's opinion before making any major decisions relating to the child's medical treatment, education and religion." Portwood responded to the decision by speaking with Us Weekly. In her statement, she vowed that she would "never stop fighting" when it comes to her son. 

"I've worked so hard to better myself and improve my relationships with my children. While I've always been candid about my past substance abuse and struggles with mental illness, a person should have the chance to redeem themselves and not be tethered to their problems from the past," she said. "I've spent years rebuilding bridges and did everything that was required of me, including submitting 21 negative drug tests and undergoing multiple psychological evaluations, if your road has not been perfect, but you've worked hard to become a better, more stable and caring person today, keep moving forward as I will. I'll never stop fighting for my children who I love more than anything."