'Teen Mom 3' Star Mackenzie McKee's Dog Removed From Home by Animal Control

Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee is defending herself and her husband after their dog was removed from their property by animal control while they were on vacation.

The former MTV star took to Facebook to express her frustration after a neighbor reportedly called animal control about her Harlequin Great Dane named Hank Williams, who was left in a pen in her backyard during her cruise in the Bahamas.

"So we left our dog in an outdoor pen. Not a kennel, a pen," McKee began her post, which has since been deleted. "We've had someone feeding and watering him daily. Our neighbors called animal control saying they haven't seen anyone ins days, and they went and grabbed him out of our back yard and just called letting us know we owe them $80."

"Is this even allowed? I'm about tired of how they have done us," she wrote. "They have us on [Facebook] and can easily message us."

Her neighbor responded with his own explanation for why he called animal control. "Cause we have listened to this poor dog cry for five days in this tiny little pen," he wrote, as reported by Starcasm. "There is no dog house, there is only muddy ground. His food was soaked. We didn't know if anyone would be back."

"Our concern was for the dog," the neighbor continued. "He is an awesome dog and if you want help finding him a home I have a friend that can help. There are Great Dane rescues that would love to have him."

McKee has since deleted the Facebook post. She told TMZ that her mom and other members of her family were tending to the dog every day and that the pen was cleaned out daily.


After the neighbor shared photos showing dog feces throughout the pen, McKee told TMZ that the photo was taken right after the dog did its business. She said the dog was removed Monday after the neighbor called animal control, but that tornado warnings in the area played a role in its removal.

TMZ also reports that neighbors added a wood pallet to the pen so that the dog, who they said was whimpering for four days outside, wouldn't have to sit in the mud. The news outlet also reports that the dog had no decent cover from a storm.