'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry's Abrupt Reunion Exit Sparks Spirited Reaction From Fans

Things went off the rails on the Teen Mom 2 reunion that aired on Dec. 17. At one point, Kailyn Lowry even walked off of the set because of all the drama. Following the episode and Lowry's major statement, quite a few fans have expressed that they're on Lowry's side.

As a refresher, on the Tuesday episode, Lowry walked off the stage after a misunderstanding with host Nessa Diab and a fight that quickly escalated between some of the Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant cast members. Lowry was sitting with the Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant stars, Ashley Jones, Brianna Jaramillo, Rachel Beaver, and Kayla Sessler, when the drama went to a whole other level after Jones accused the other girls of leaving her out. The Teen Mom 2 star tried her best to keep the peace during the segment, but Diab told Lowry that she could separate herself from the other reality stars by saying, "Kail, sit back there."

Lowry responded by angrily asking, "What?" She then proceeded to storm off the set while saying, "Ooh! Bye! Bye Nessa, see you later."

While Teen Mom 2 fans had plenty to say about the whole drama, there were many who lauded Lowry for removing herself from a dramatic situation.

"I don't blame her this time," one fan wrote on Facebook. "once they brought out the girls from young & pregnant - the s— show started- I shut it off!"

"Nessa likes to stir the pot," another wrote on Facebook about the reunion's host. "She needs to go! I'm not a Kail fan, but she acted mature and removed herself from the situation. I think she's trying to be an adult now and all of this fighting is turning the reunions into a s— show."

"Look @KailLowry she for real was just trying to help in a situation she shouldn't been in," one Twitter user wrote. "Idc what anyone says about Kail , she matures more and more with each season."

Back in October, when the reunion was filmed, Lowry took to Twitter to express that she would never attend another Teen Mom reunion after what happened during filming.

"Say no to things that are not good for your mental health. i.e. teen mom reunions," she wrote, adding, "Every year I say I'm not going. Every year I give in. Every year I am a part of bulls—. This time I've reflected, accepted responsibility [and] wanted to do better. This year, I get dragged into bulls— that had NOTHING to do with me."

The reality star went on to call out MTV during her rant, writing, "[MTV] stop putting girls who do not like each other on the same stage. Stop putting girls in a situation where they feel like they need to prove themselves."


She ended her message by saying that you probably won't see her at another reunion again after how things played out on the most recent one, "I promise y'all, nobody better even think about asking me to attend another reunion."