'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans Has 'No Idea' If She'll Return After Firing

Jenelle Evans is moving on with her life after being fired from Teen Mom 2, and she's teasing it may or may not have anything to do with MTV. The network decided it would no longer film with one of its more controversial stars after husband David Eason admitted to shooting and killing their family's dog, but Evans isn't throwing out a possible return, she revealed in a question and answer session with fans on Instagram over the weekend.

While Evans was opening up to fans on her Instagram Story, one follower asked, "Will you be on the next Teen Mom series? I hope you're having a lovely day."

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(Photo: Instagram/Jenelle Evans)

"Have no idea," Evans replied cryptically. "You would have to ask [MTV]."

Others fans were curious what her "next move" financially would be after having her main source of income cut off so suddenly. Evans claimed she had more than enough to keep her and her husband's four children going, explaining she was relying on her "makeup kit launch, possibly another book, and other opportunities I can't mention at the moment."

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(Photo: Instagram/Jenelle Evans)

Evans certainly painted a rosy picture of her life after Teen Mom 2, responding when asked if she missed her MTV crew, "The people? Yes. The drama? No."

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(Photo: Instagram/Jenelle Evans)

Things are looking up for Evans and Eason after the two were once again granted custody of their children — Maryssa, 11, Kaiser, 5, and Ensley, 2 — last week, after the court was concerned with their safety following Eason's violent killing of dog Nugget. Jace, 9, continues to live with Evans' mother, as per their prior custody agreement, but Evans claimed on Instagram that she will have full custody of her oldest son "soon."

She also admitted that she and Eason were strained by the animal's killing.


"Honestly, yes, we were on bad terms for almost a week," she wrote. "Didn't talk much. He knows how upset it made me. Now that we are getting over this incident our relationship has got a lot stronger. David has completed anger management as well."

Photo credit: MTV