'Teen Mom 2' Special Hits a Soft Spot With Fans

Chelsea Houska DeBoer and her husband Cole DeBoer are major couple goals.

Teen Mom 2 fans fell in love with the couple Wednesday during their MTV special Chelsea and Cole — A Love Story, which chronicled how the two met, fell head over heels, got married and had their son Watson.

The 26-year-old mother of two and her future husband locked eyes while pumping gas at a local gas station, but didn't speak, the couple said on the special.

Later, DeBoer looked her up on social media, and they have since gotten married and had a son, Watson DeBoer, on Jan. 25, 2017. Houska has a daughter Aubree, with her ex Adam Lind, who has recently gotten into trouble with the law due to alleged domestic assault and drug use.

Recently, Houska has expressed interest in changing her daughter's last name to Lind DeBoer because of how much her husband has embraced Aubree as his own.

Watching a wholesome couple love each other and their children might not be dramatic, but fans loved the palate cleanser from the MTV show's normal drama.

Even the MTV cast member's dad Randy Houska weighed in on the special.


Photo credit: Facebook/Teen Mom 2