'Teen Mom 2' Star Chelsea Houska Makes Confession on TV, Brings Fans to Tears

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska recently made a confession on TV that brought fans to tears. During the recent Teen Mom 2 reunion show, Houska revealed that her anxiety was causing her a lot of pressure during filming. "Whatever you see on TV and whatever you see when I show up somewhere, there’s so much more that has happened to get me even like… here," she said. Reunion show host Dr. Drew replied, "But it’s treatable, and it gets better," to which Houska gave an emphatic "Yes!"

Houska's struggles with anxiety have long been documented, with the reality TV star once suffering an anxiety attack so severe that she has to be rushed to the emergency room.

"It was so bad and so scary and whatever I thought a panic attack was, I must have been so wrong," she said of the experience, adding that she sincerly felt like she was "dying." Houska later added, "I literally thought I was having a stroke or something."

Houska's confession had fans emotional and sharing their support, with one tweeting to her, "The way u handled that call was everything especially since u suffer from anxiety u did real good."

Another fan said that Houska was "such an inspiration," while many other fans shared cry-face emojis.

"Watching #TeenMom2 and oh my gods I can’t begin with how much I love [Chelsea] and [her husband] Cole. And hearing Chelsea talk about her anxiety makes me feel so much better about my own. My first few years of college I suffered severe night terrors and still do in times of high stress," one other viewer wrote.

While many were showing support for Houska's courage to be open about her anxiety struggles, others were showering her with praise for how great they find her husband to be.


"Cole is seriously everything !!! Chelsea you are a lucky girl!!! & So inspiring, Cant wait to marry someone who is gonna love me & my daughter just like Cole loves you two," one fan wrote.

Photo Credit: MTV