'Teen Mom 2': Briana DeJesus' Family Stretched Thin Amid Daughter's Emergency Surgery

While Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus' youngest daughter, Stella, is recovering in the hospital from an emergency surgery, older sister Nova misses her and DeJesus while she spends time with her grandma.

"A few days ago I noticed Stella was having trouble moving her arms, so I took her to the hospital," DeJesus explained in a sneak peek for Monday's episode of Teen Mom 2. "It turns out she had a serious bacterial infection and had to have emergency surgery. She's doing a little better now, but we have to stay at the hospital a few days so they can monitor her."

DeJesus noted that she and her mom, Roxanne, were being stretched thin while taking care of the situation, as her sister, Brittany, was out of town and unable to help out.

"My sister's out of town on vacation, so it's been a lot for my mom and me to handle without her help," DeJesus said.

While on her way to pick up Nova for the day, Roxanne explained the situation over the phone to Brittany, saying that Stella could have to stay on antibiotics for as long as two months.

"It's called septic arthritis. The infection is in her joint in her shoulder," Roxanne explained. "Basically, Stella could stay in there [the hospital] until Tuesday or Wednesday. She's on antibiotics. They said that ... she could be on antibiotics until a month or two."

"Poor baby. I miss her," Brittany said.

Roxanne explained that although she's trying as best she can to help Nova understand, she's not sure she does. "I try to explain it to her the best that I can, and she's just like, 'OK,'" Roxanne said emotionally.

Once Nova was in the car, Roxanne explained they weren't going to the hospital but that they could FaceTime her mom and little sister, whom she affectionately called Stelita.

Back in November, DeJesus opened up about the health scare in real time, sharing photos of Stella in the hospital and telling Radar about the septic arthritis, which she said was "common in kids."

(Photo: Instagram / @_brianadejesus)

"My poor little baby," DeJesus tweeted with a frown face at the time. "It's been a hectic day for me but she's ok. She's out of surgery. Will [give] a bigger update to everyone once I have her in my arms!"

In another update, she shared a photo of "cuddles with my sweet pea" followed by a black and white video of Stella smiling and laughing.

While she told Radar that although the septic arthritis was under control, there was a chance it "could always come back," likely referencing Stella's heart condition. The baby was born with "holes in her heart," she previously told Radar, adding that "we just have to monitor her breathing."


On Stella's first birthday, DeJesus told fans that she "no longer has heart murmurs and all the holes [in her heart] are closed."

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.