'Teen Mom 2': Briana DeJesus' Ex Luis Visits Their Daughter, But Then Asks for Cash

A preview for the next episode of Teen Mom 2 features Luis Hernandez making an outrageous request of Briana DeJesus after finally coming around to visit their daughter. The clip starts with Dejesus talking to her sister about Hernandez coming by the day before. The two of them wonder why he did so after months of being absent.

“I guess he came to kind of say ‘bye’ to her because he was going back into trucking,” DeJesus speculates.

“He never came to say ‘hello’ so why the f--- is he coming to say ‘goodbye’?” her sister replies.

Later in the clip, DeJesus is at her beauty salon whitening a friend’s teeth when she gets a text from Hernandez.

“Good morning. So as much as I hate to do this, I wanted to see if I can ask you for a huge favor,” Dejesus says as she reads his text aloud. “See if I can borrow some cash from you, I’ll pay you back with interest if I have to and I need to get a few things and leave some things paid before I leave tomorrow night. I hate to ask but I really have no choice.”

She texts back asking how much money he needs. He replies “$1500.”

“I need to get a few things for work, for example I need to get a truck, a GPS, and then I need to get meds refilled,” Hernandez texts.

“Maybe that’s why he started coming around. The audacity. The last time he saw her before yesterday was six, seven months ago,” DeJesus says to her sister.

“You never came around to help this entire time you were here. You don’t need to help financially. You can help physically or emotionally in a sense, you know?” her sister says, addressing Hernandez.

“I don’t get it, like, I’m shocked. I have no words,” DeJesus says.

“You could simply tell him, ‘I just bought a house for your daughter to live a happy, stable life’,” her sister suggests.

“This is crazy,” DeJesus says right before the clip ends. “I don’t even have any thoughts right now.”

Fans in the comments of the clip had strong opinions.

“This is so old watching this drama over and over grow up move out from your mom and sister and be a good mom to your Kids and raise them to do better than you,” one wrote.


“He didn’t call to see Stella, he used his daughter to get some money. I hope she says no,” another said.

The full episode airs on MTV on Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET.