'Sweet Home Sextuplets' Family Surprises the Kids With Backyard Petting Zoo in Exclusive Season Finale Sneak Peek

Courtney and Eric Waldrop are ending the summer with a special surprise for their nine kids! In a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday's Sweet Home Sextuplets season finale, the TLC family puts on a backyard petting zoo for their family after a "crazy" day taking the 2-year-old sextuplets to the speech therapist. Opening the front door for their kids, any confusion at the surprise turns to joy as they spy the miniature horses, pigs and rabbits waiting for them in the yard.

"You know, in all honesty, we may not normally do this, but for the last several months, we've not done any activities really at all," Courtney explains to the camera. "So let's go ahead and splurge a little bit. This is our fun little summer treat to all nine of our kids, kind of a fun way to end the summer." The little ones are thrilled to get time to cuddle the animals up close, with Courtney even campaigning for her own miniature pig to Eric, who shoots down the idea of having a pig who isn't being used for "bacon."

It's not only a special way to wind down the summer, but the last few months of the sextuplets' second year. "In less than four months, the sextuplets will be three years old," Courtney realizes. "I mean, that is crazy. Time just flies. It flies." Eric chimes in, "I mean, we're almost all the way back around to holiday season!" With the coronavirus pandemic changing the way people celebrate any occasion, the father-of-nine wonders what Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be like in 2020. Courtney is putting her trust in God that everything works out, however. "Life is going to always throw you curveballs, you know, and with the coronavirus, who knows when it's ever going to end," she wonders. "So you just got to lean on the Lord and know that he's going to get us through each and every day."

Last month, the Waldrops told PopCulture they were happy to be in their new home after months quarantining in their mobile home while renovations were completed. Even during the tough times, Courtney said she tried to look at the silver lining when it came to being stuck at home. "Quarantine was hard, but it was good, because it did slow life down," she explained. With the older boys back at school and things beginning to pick up again, Courtney joked she would love to slow down again just a bit. "Everything has been at once and it’s been crazy," she said. "Time has flown." Don't miss the season finale of Sweet Home Sextuplets, Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. For more on the Waldrops from PopCulture, click here.