'Southern Charm' Star Thomas Ravenel to Stand Trial for Alleged Assault on Nanny

Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is reportedly heading to court over an alleged assault back in January of 2015.

Ravenel is a former South Carolina state treasurer and a star on Bravo's Southern Charm, though there is nothing charming about the allegations facing him now. According to a report by local CBS affiliate WCSC, Ravenel's former nanny has accused him of assaulting her several years ago, and trying to remove her clothes by force. On Monday, Judge Stephen Harris decided that the case would go to trial.

Ravenel did not need to be present in Monday's proceedings, and his lawyer stood in for him. His children's former caretaker, however, was there. She was identified only as Dawn, and said that Ravenel undressed himself, grabbed her and put her hands on his genitals. He then began trying to undress her, grabbing her private parts in the process as well.

Ravenel has been charged with second degree assault and battery in the case. Despite his lawyer's protests, Judge Harris has decided that this allegations should go to a full blown trial.

Dawn's story was backed up on Monday by reportedly graphic testimony from one Charleston police detective. They said that there was photographic evidence of scratches on the victim's body, which allowed police to charge Ravenel. In addition, the underwire of Dawn's bra reportedly cut into her skin, and her shirt was wrapped so tightly around her neck during the attack that she could not breathe.

Investigators say they have "appropriately time-stamped" photos of all of these injuries to corroborate Dawn's story. They also have records of her employment that confirm her time line of events.

Ravenel's lawyer cross-examined the unnamed detective. He noted that there was a problem unlocking Dawn's cell phone, apparently hoping to throw confusion on the photographs. In addition, he told Judge Harris that the entire case was merely an example of "he said, she said."


The trial is moving forward as more and more revelations about Ravenel emerge. Last month, Dawn appeared at Ravenel's bond hearing, where she said that she believes he is guilty of more than the attack on her. She told the court that Ravenel's children were "exposed to constant alcohol and drugs" during her time in the household.

The case may be the reason Ravenel left Southern Charm. He continues to deny the entire story. Ravenel did resign as state treasurer in 2007 when he pleaded guilty to a charge of cocaine possession.