'Southern Charm' Stars Craig Conover and Austen Kroll Reveal Positive COVID-19 Test After Charleston Party

Southern Charm stars Craig Conover and Austen Kroll revealed during Thursday's episode that they tested positive for the coronavirus. The two continued to party in Charleston, South Carolina, where the show is filmed, even though experts have advised against that during the pandemic. Conover's girlfriend Natalie Hegnauer and Shep Rose's girlfriend Taylor Ann Green also tested positive, and the entire group has decided to quarantine at Conover's house. Rose tested negative.

"I feel weird that my test was positive," Conover said on the Bravo show, reports PEOPLE. "I feel dirty." Conover said he and Green felt some symptoms of COVID-19, including dizziness. "But we didn't have fevers," he explained. "We didn't have anything, it's pretty strange."

Madison LeCroy was with Kroll just a days before he became sick, and she called him out for his careless behavior during the pandemic. "Austen's behavior during the shutdown was heavy on the drinking, sleeping until noon and then playing video games. Sorry, but major turnoff for me," she said. "We are on two different wavelengths here." LeCroy had to shut down her hair salon and social distance from her son Hudson, 8, before she was cleared. "[Austen] and the boys run wild. I think they thought they were never going to get it," LeCroy said.

During a video chat with his co-stars, Green admitted he thought he was "invincible" before he got sick. "It's really weird to be part of a statistic," he said. "Like, s—, I am one of them." While he was admitting his mistake, the situation frayed Green's relationship with LeCroy. When the two were finally able to speak together, LeCroy made it clear she was not happy with his behavior.

"I just expected you to do the right thing instead of run the town with your single boys. We're just two people on two different paths. You're going a— backwards," she told him. After Green did not respond right away, LeCroy decided it was time to break up. Green asked her for another chance, but she said that was not an option for her. "I've learned my lesson," she said. "I wish you the best and I never regret anything. But you're not the one for me long-term."


In a post-show interview with PEOPLE, LeCroy said she felt Green never took the pandemic seriously and was selfish. She saw no way for the two to reconcile after three years of dating. "Austen does whatever benefits him," she told the magazine. "He does not compromise. He is just not ready for a serious relationship and this situation confirmed that."