'Sister Wives' Star Maddie Brown Claps Back at Troll Criticizing Her Birthing Method

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown is clapping back at trolls who are criticizing her birthing method. In a post on Instagram, Brown shared a photo of her growing baby bump. In the post's caption she wrote, "38 weeks and some change. Officially on baby watch I guess." Many people began commenting on the post, with one individual rudely writing, “Hope you are going to a hospital this time. A much more enjoyable experience for you and baby! Much love from Texas.” Brown clapped back by replying, “I think an enjoyable experience is birthing how I want to birth.”

Another person aggressively posted, “I hope you are getting an epidural this time???” Brown responded to this comment also, simply saying, "Why?"

Brown, who is 23 years old, is currently expecting her second child — a daughter — after giving birth to her oldest child Axel in May 2017. She shares both children with her husband Caleb Brush.

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While some posted disrespectful comments, many of Brown's followers have been supportive, with one writing, "You’re almost there! Being pregnant in the summer is so tough, especially in the south! We recently moved to SC and had our third in July. Good luck!"

"Aren’t you just adorable! Won’t be long now!! I know you are ready with this heat we’re having! Our daughter is due around the same time you are! Congratulations to all!" another person said.

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"You may not feel that you look like Wonder Woman right now but you do! This is the most awesome, powerful & amazing privilege we have as women. Wishing you a safe delivery of your baby & a wonderful time on the next stage of life's journey," someone else commented.

"Baby looks like she's gonna just fall out. Better get your baseball glove ready. This one may come faster. You can only hope," one other person joked.


"Gorgeous Momma to be. You’ve already dropped!! I bet she’s here within a week. Good luck Madison. I pray that your labor and delivery goes much quicker and less painful than it was with Axel," a fifth user wrote.

Now that she has reached the 38th week of pregnancy, Brown is past the preterm delivery phase, so she could go into labor anytime in the next couple of weeks.