'Sister Wives' Meri Brown Involved in Alleged Pyramid Scheme

As LuLaRoe faces a $1 billion lawsuit and accusations of being a pyramid scheme, some reality TV fans are turning their eyes to one of the company's most famous promoters — Sister Wives' Meri Brown.

The class action suit, filed in October, accuses the apparel company of deceiving their "fashion consultants" about their refund policy, allegedly leaving people with thousands of dollars of inventory they are unable to sell, while being pressured to target vulnerable people in their sales techniques, reports Fortune. The company has called the allegations "without merit" in the past.

Meri, who is married to Kody Brown, has been on board with LuLaRoe for a long time, and is so involved with the company that her Instagram name is "LuLaRoe Meri Brown." She hasn't commented on the controversy at this time, and as of six days ago continued to post about the company on her social media account.

"Traveling through Utah after a snowstorm gives me a chance to wear this amazing [LuLaRoe Mimi] that I don't get to wear too much in Las Vegas," she captioned a shot of her standing in front of a house on Jan. 22 with a happy face emoticon. "Team it up with [LuLaRoe Leggings] and [LuLaRoe Irma] and you've got easy comfort!"

In the past, Meri has painted the company as a kind of sisterhood for her outside of the other women in her family.

"I am blessed and so happy to be on this [LuLaRoe] journey with [LuLaRoe Maile] and so many other fabulous women who only want to bless and build others up," Brown wrote on her Instagram in the past.

Fans have suspected that Meri has been looking for an out from her drama-filled family for a while, especially during this season as she strives to open a bed and breakfast in Utah, far from the family's Nevada home.


Named Lizzie's Heritage Inn, the bed and breakfast is named after Meri's great-grandmother Lizzie, The Salt Lake Tribune shares. The home the business is located in was built by Meri's great-great-grandparents in 1870 and was sold out of the family in the 1980s. When it went back on the market, Meri knew she had to have it, and the bed and breakfast was born.

Photo credit: Instagram/@lularoemeribrown