'DWTS' Judge Carrie Ann Inaba's Goodbye Message to Sean Spicer Fires up His Supporters

Sean Spicer was finally eliminated from Dancing With the Stars on Monday night after consistently being at or near the bottom in scoring. The judges were forced to decide between him and Lauren Alaina after those two got the least amount of fan votes. Ultimately, the decision was made that it was time for the former White House press secretary to go.

After the show aired, judge Carrie Ann Inaba posted a message for Spicer on her Instagram Story. "And to [Sean Spicer], You have my fullest respect for what you brought to the ballroom. You never stopped smiling, you continued to give It your absolute best, and you always uplifted those around you with the hope in your heart and your openness and willingness to give it you all no matter the outcome…it takes courage to do what you did," she wrote.

"And I want to say thank you for coming and being a part of what made this season so special," Inaba continued. "You are very much loved by so many people. I hope you feel that every day. And you are also now loved and respected by one more person, for what you showed me on our ballroom dance floor this season. Thank you! And we will see you soon! #respect"

Inaba advocated previously for Spicer to be eliminated, and now his fans aren't having her kind words for their favorite contestant.

"Feeling bad for the way you treated him Carrie Ann?? You should! I've always been a loyal viewer, but no more!!" one wrote on Facebook.

"She is just trying to save face after being so nasty and showing her political position towards Sean. Not buying it," another commented.

"She was so disrespectful to Sean. It was not necessary the things that she said. She was not being a professional. She really does owe him an apology!" a third said.

"She's so full of BS! Damage control is what this is all about! I can't stand her anyway! As a matter of fact, the way they treated Sean this year has made me a former DWTS fan!" another very upset viewer wrote.


"You are such a phony you started with him the minute he got on the show you're not unhappy that he left the show now they're all going to kiss up because of the horrible way they treated him I have no respect for any of them," someone else commented.

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.