Savannah Chrisley Engaged to Nic Kerdiles After Surprise Proprosal

Congratulations are in order for Savannah Chrisley, who announced her engagement to boyfriend Nic Kerdiles on Wednesday.

(Photo: Instagram / @savannahchrisley)

The Chrisley Knows Best star, 21, told PEOPLE magazine that Kerdiles, 25, surprised her with a proposal on Christmas Eve in front of her family and friends at her home in Nashville.

"[On the night of the engagement], Nic's family was in town and my whole family was there and we were filming and I was furious," she says. "I was like, 'The fact we're filming on Christmas Eve is absolutely insane. I have people here.'"

"And then my mom said she forgot something at the store. So, I got in the car and went to the store with her. When we came back and we walked in the door, no one was there. Our best friend's kid, Dylan, goes, 'Hey, I think they're looking for you outside.' I walk outside and it's all lit up! And Nic's family is standing on one side, my family and friends are standing on the other, and then I just start freaking out because I'm like, 'This isn't really about to happen.'"

She continued: "And then, Nic looks at me and he was like, 'Hey babe, will you come here?' And you can tell you he was so nervous, and I was nervous. That was a long walk. I was like, 'What is going down?' And then, it's funny. He tells me now that he forgot everything he wanted to say. He said he had this whole thing written out, and he was like, 'I just forgot it all.' And it was just so cute and everyone was crying. It was just such a cool moment. And the fact that both of our families were there made it even better."

Chrisley and Kerdiles, a professional hockey player, have been dating since November 2017, although Chrisley revealed they'd been talking about getting engaged for quite some time.

"He sent me a picture of a ring on Instagram one day and it was hideous," she said. "He was like, 'Do you like this?' And I was like, 'No, no.' I immediately sent him a picture of what I liked."

"My mom actually kind of picked out the ring, and so she went and sat down with a jeweler in Nashville and picked out the diamond and all of that," she added of mom Julie Chrisley. "And so, it's kind of cool to know that she picked it out."

The 5-carat ring consists of a radiant brilliant cut diamond in the center, set into a four-prong basket-style head, finished with beak style prongs. In addition, there are 18 round brilliant cut diamonds, PEOPLE reports.

Chrisley added that her dad, Todd Chrisley, also spoke with Kerdiles before the proposal.

"It's funny because Nic wanted to ask them in person, but he was in Canada and we were all in Nashville," she said. "He FaceTimed my dad. My dad said he was so nervous when he FaceTimed him, that he asked my dad for his hand in marriage! And my dad was like, 'You may want to re-ask that question.' He was like, 'Do you want my daughter's hand in marriage or my hand in marriage?' Nic hung up the phone and called back, and then asked him the right way. And it was just so funny. My dad said he was so nervous."

As far as wedding plans go, Chrisley said they're in no rush: "We're taking our time."

"Just because you're engaged doesn't mean you have to get married tomorrow," she said. "So, we're kind of just taking our time. We know that we want to spend the rest of our life with each other."


Chrisley stars with brother Chase in the Chrisley Knows Best spinoff, Growing Up Chrisley, which airs Tuesdays on USA Network.

Photo credit: Instagram / @savannahchrisley