Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Slams Jen Harley for 'Emotional Abuse,' Shares Wild Private Texts

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro seems to be airing his dirty laundry with ex Jen Harley. The Jersey Shore: [...]

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro seems to be airing his dirty laundry with ex Jen Harley. The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star took to Instagram Stories Thursday to share screenshots of private text messages that appear to be from her co-parent, though the other person involved in the conversation is not identified.

"Knows she's crying and decides getting drunk with a sugar daddy is better," he wrote of one exchange, adding two laugh-cry emojis.

In another post he asked, "Is it legal to have sexual activities for money?!? The question is.. where's [sic] was the son? Lmaooo." The comment accompanied a text that detailed a hookup.

See screenshots of the post, released by Us Weekly, here.

Ortiz-Magro then posted a lengthy message that seemed to lash out at Harley.

"I refuse to sit back anymore, and let a mentally unstable person ruin my name, take my daughter, try to take my freedom with lies," he wrote. "I am standing up for myself & my daughter [Ariana] and everyone else this person has been trying to hurt over the last week. Upset because I've moved on with my life. I refuse to be bullied!!! I am a great father, an amazing person!"

He then claimed he has "been harassed" for two weeks, adding: "Enough is enough! Let's [sic] the world know the truth!!"

Ortiz-Magro also recounted some of the drama from the on-again, off-again relationship between him and Harley. The couple share daughter Arianna Sky.

"All I have ever done is provide for my family, and try to give a life to them I never had," he wrote. "I won't let a sick person used [sic] the fact that I admitted to being depressed and emotionally broken to a point I needed help! It wasn't because of addiction it was because being dragged by a car, beat to death with my chain before [Mike Sorrentino's] court date, having a ashtray thrown at my Face!! I am choosing to take my life back! Some people just don't want to give it back, they need that control Of abuse! Well not anymore!!!"

He claimed that he did not want to "stoop to this pathetic level of instability." However, he added he had been a victim of "emotional abuse" and "mental control."

He concluded: "I'm sticking up for myself, my daughter and the people in my life that this mentally unstable person has been harassing & threatening!! #LetmeMoveOn."

Ortiz-Magro and Harley's relationship appears to have ended for the last time after his arrest on suspicion of felony domestic violence and kidnapping in October after an altercation between them. He pleaded not guilty to seven misdemeanors in November.