NeNe Leakes Explodes in NSFW Rant at Kim Zolciak Biermann on 'RHOA' Reunion

Kim Zolciak Biermann and NeNe Leakes are finally coming face to face after a season trading barbs on social media.

During part two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, the two former frenemies finally confronted each other after the drama surrounding #RoachGate, which started with a video Brielle Biermann took in Leakes' bathroom and ended with accusations of racism and allegations of death threats.

The bulk of the two's drama promises to go down next week during the reunion's conclusion, but the tension was clear from the moment Zolciak Biermann walked on stage at the reunion.

"You look younger than you did 10 years ago," host Andy Cohen told her, to which she responded, "I mean, I think that has a lot to do with makeup."

It was at that comment that Leakes, who has repeatedly accused the 39-year-old of getting more plastic surgery than the lip injections to which she's copped, rolled her eyes.

"Your lips are considerably bigger," Cohen continued. "What's the end game with the lips?"

"It just depends on how I'm feeling at the moment," Zolciak Biermann responded.

It's then that Leakes came for the mother of six over their earliest feud in the season, when Zolciak Biermann passed around a photo of Leakes' car parked in the handicapped spot at the mall. She later defended herself, saying she had been with a handicapped person at the time.

"All this bulls— you're gonna talk?" Leakes shouted at the Don't Be Tardy star. "Put it out now b— I'm right here with your a—."

When Zolciak Biermann said Leakes is simply "jealous" of her life with husband Kroy Biermann, Leakes exploded in a mostly-bleeped tirade.

"You're a hater. You are f—ing trash!" Leakes screamed.

The feud promises to continue next week, when they finally address Leakes calling Zolciak Biermann and her daughter Brielle Biermann "racists" after they accused her of having a roach-infested home.

"Jealousy's a sickness, get well soon b—," Zolciak Biermann is seen saying in the previews for next week.


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