Mama June's Daughter Pumpkin Says Mom's Bank Account Is Being Drained Amid Crack Cocaine Case

Mama June Shannon's issues may be worse than fans thought. The Mama June: From Not to Hot star is running low on money, or so daughter Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon recently claimed.

During a recently-aired WeTV special, called Road to Intervention, Pumpkin revealed that her mom was having financial issues following her March 2019 arrest at an Alabama gas station, Celebrity Insider reported. Pumpkin visited with her mother at the Alabama casino she and boyfriend Geno Doak had been living in on the documentary-style show. Pumpkin told her mom she'd been monitoring her bank account, and noticed it getting low.

As previously reported, Friday's episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot Pumpkin and Mama June's sister Joanne "Doe Doe" Shannon sat down with producer Moriah to review previously unaired footage, and discuss Mama June's issues ahead of a planned intervention. Among the topics they discussed were Doak, his alleged infidelity, and the couple's arrest.

Pumpkin told Moriah that Doak should "work harder" to repair his bond with younger sister Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, noting that the child was afraid of him after he was arrested for a probation violation. Moriah said "getting Geno home was kinda the first step," which Pumpkin appeared to agree with.

"Alana and Geno were getting really close," Doe Doe said on the episode.

Of Doak's infidelity, Pumpkin said a woman recently "contacted me saying that he offered her $2,000 to come and do the nasty with him." That woman was one of at least six who reached out to share details of Doak's online behavior with Mama June's daughter.

Lastly, the women discussed the arrest. Pumpkin was adamant that Doak likely didn't put his hands on her mother, which is what prompted police to interact with the couple in the first place that fateful evening, but did say that they'd been "arguing, of course." It was revealed on the show that Doak and Mama June stopped at a gas station so he could get an energy drink, at which time Mama June "called the police twice and hung up."

A short time later, an "unmarked police vehicle" that had been tailing them, pulled the couple over. TMZ reported that Doak admitted to having a needle on him, which prompted a search of the vehicle. In the search, authorities found crack cocaine inside a bag Mama June claimed belonged to her. Both were taken into custody.

The episode also shined a light on Mama June's medical issues. During the show, viewers were shown never-before-seen footage of Moriah examining Mama June after her hand went numb. Mama June refused medical treatment at first, which forced the producer to step in and have a staff member take her to urgent care.

Once at the facility, Mama June admitted she felt "lost." She also said in a confessional she was "hating" who she'd become.


"I've lost who I am. I've lost who I was about," she confessed.

"I'm hating who I am right now," Mama June added.