Matt Roloff Responds to Jeremy and Audrey's 'Big News' About Baby No. 2, But Fans Have One Major Question

Little People, Big World patriarch, Matt Roloff has a lot to celebrate following the sex reveal of his son Jeremy's second child and took to social media to express how excited he was about the announcement. But fans are focusing on one thing: Where is Amy?

In a post shared to his Instagram on Sunday, the TLC grandpa shared video of the same announcement Jeremy and his wife, Audrey shared to their accounts and revealed that the "big news is out!!"

"Grandpa is going to have another new grandson. Next Farmer generation well underway ... here we go!" Roloff captioned the video, which captured an alternate angle of the couple's party, alongside the phrased hashtags, "dreams do come true," "he's a boy" and "grandpa guessed right."

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Fans took to the comments section to congratulate the grandpa, with many expressing how they too were right about the gender but others had one question on their mind: Where in the world is Amy Roloff?

"Wow Matt your girlfriend sure screamed so loud ..wheres GRANDMOM at ???" asked one fan.

"I don't understand why Caryn is involved she isn't family," criticized another.

"This is the sad reality of divorce, Amy 'forced' into a buyout, never to enjoy the fruits of her.labour (the farm)! I applaud Zack AND tori AND Jackson for taking Amy into considerstion (sic). its the little things that makes a big difference. Why do this and exclude Amy. I just feel very bad for her. DIVORCE SUCKS!!!!" added another.

"Congratulations. Why wasn't Amy included?" another inquired, as another echoed "Seriously, where is AMY?!"

But while it appeared Amy was not present at the event, fans of the matriarch took to the comments section to clear the air up and defend the TLC star, revealing that she was in fact there.

"Wow so many things going on with these comments people!!! First of all you were concentrating so much on Amy/Caryn/Matt, that you didn't concentrate on the post itself. You didn't even talk about the reveal. Yes Amy was there! She has never missed any big family event like that. You catch a glimpse of her in the first second if the clip," added one fan. "Secondly why are you people so judgemental of Caryn? A woman who has done nothing but bring happiness into Matt's life. Saying she isn't part of the family etc She has been with Matt for a few years now, and that makes her part of the family. I love how any woman who comes into the picture after a divorce is the bad one. [eyeroll emoji] Amy is much happier, and so is Matt. I give kudos to Caryn for sticking around with all the negative press about her actually. So let's stick with what the post is about.....not divorce, not Caryn, and not even Amy. Congrats to Jeremy and Audrey on your upcoming birth of your baby boy!! How exciting!"

While Amy has not shared her response or reaction to the gender reveal to social media just yet, we can bet Mama Roloff is just as excited for her son Jeremy and his wife Audrey, announced the reveal Saturday night. In the post, which was shared by the former Little People, Big World stars to their Instagram accounts, the couple can be seen celebrating the reveal with cupcakes and gender reveal smoke bombs, unveiling the news that they will be having a boy.

Audrey posted video with the caption: "Did you guess right? We are surprised and can't wait to be a family of four."

After welcoming their daughter Ember Jean in in September of 2017, Roloff and his wife announced this past July they are expecting their second child together: "We've got some exciting news. Ember Jean is going to be a big sister! We're very excited to grow our family. Thanks for following our journey and for your continual support of our family."

While in conversation for their podcast, Behind the Scenes earlier this summer, the couple opened up about the exciting pregnancy, revealing more details, including their birthing plan.

"So I've always been pretty crunchy," Audrey said. "If medical interventions are unnecessary then I just lean more on the natural side, but I also wanted to experience the true pains of childbirth and pregnancy."


"I loved that I had access to medical professionals," she continued, speaking of her first delivery. "Heaven forbid if anything ever happened…I had really great nurses and midwives…I felt like I had a home birth at the hospital."

Baby number two is set to arrive on Jan. 8, 2020.