Which 'Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island' Couples Decided to Stay Together?

After just a three weeks spent together sussing out their relationship, it was time for the Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island couples to decide whether or not they had a future together outside of island life on the first season's finale.

On Tuesday's all-new episode of the Lifetime reality series (produced by Kinetic Content), the remaining couples determined if their ability to pick their own matches based on chemistry, as opposed to expert matchmaking, would work out in the end.

Here's what the couples decided to do on Decision Day:

Jada Rashawn and Chris Perry: After Perry opened up his personal life to Rashawn by allowing her to meet his daughter, the couple revealed in the finale that they had also taken a big step physically, having sex for the first time after weeks living together.

"Chris is a gem," Rashawn admitted, adding, "Engagement is something that's foreseeable for us, and honestly if he were to propose, I would say yes."

But Perry was not even considering proposing before he could get a better idea of how Rashawn would fit into his life and that of his daughter's. "I'm not at that point," he told his fellow suitors.

With those concerns in mind, Perry told Rashawn he was in love with her, giving her a commitment ring in place of an engagement ring.

Brandin Brosh and Jona Bienko: Heading into Decision Day, Bienko had no doubts about whether Brosh was the woman he wanted to make his wife, asking her parents right off the bat if they would support him asking their daughter for the "ultimate commitment."

He did, however, wonder what the response to his proposal would be after such a short time, as Brosh was admittedly "not ready" for such fast movement.

In the end, the couple did decide to get engaged after Bienko dropped to one knee and proposed.

Shannon Raddler and Kimber Gardner: Raddler and Gardner were less sure about their future coming to the end of their short time on Honeymoon Island. While the couple had been vibing in almost every way, Gardner said she was "pretty sure" there would be no engagement coming at the end of the experiment due to her decision to not have children.

"I just don't see him proposing," she explained to the camera.

Raddler admitted that while he had never had a connection like the one he had with Gardner, he would want to see how they mesh "in the real world" before making such a big commitment.

On Decision Day, the couple admitted they might be "soulmates" and agreed to continue their relationship off Honeymoon Island.

Katie Muller and Eric Acosta: Muller and Acosta were both uneasy about where they were as a couple heading into the finale. Muller explained she had yet to get physically intimate with Acosta and felt they were going at a "slower pace."

And while Acosta admitted "engagement is on [his] mind," he was afraid their intimacy levels were a "red flag" at this point.


It's because of this Acosta decided he wouldn't be able to commit to Muller, leaving her feeling "blindsided and humiliated."

Photo Credit: Lifetime