'Love Island USA': Will and Kyra Clear up Rumors Amid New Details Behind Casa Amor Drama (Exclusive)

Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama's time on Love Island wasn't always the easiest. The couple [...]

Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama's time on Love Island wasn't always the easiest. The couple experienced their fair share of drama while in the Villa, but in the end, the two did make their relationship official. Kyra and Will, who came in second place after Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy, subsequently spoke with PopCulture.com about their time on Season 3 of Love Island. Not only did they clear up rumors that they knew each other before the show, but they also shed some light on how they really felt about how that Casa Amor situation played out.

First and foremost, Will and Kyra dispelled the rumor that they knew each other before going on Season 3 of Love Island (the rumor began after fans noticed that Will's Instagram account liked one of the photos on Kyra's). Will said that they discussed the matter right after leaving the Villa, and stressed, "We never met each other." He went on to explain how they believe that the individual who was handling his social media accounts while he was on the show possibly liked one of Kyra's Instagram posts.

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This wasn't the only topic that Will and Kyra cleared up. Midway through the season, the men and women on the show were separated during the Casa Amor twist. The men then met five new women, one of whom was Florence "Flo" Mueller. Will did form a connection with Flo during this time, but he ultimately decided to stay with Kyra. Still, the couple wasn't able to escape this Casa Amor, as the matter was brought up many subsequent times. While fans may have a very particular opinion on the entire situation, Kyra and Will shed some light on the matter by explaining that they had a sort of "agreement" before Casa Amor even took place.

"We were on the same page about the understanding of where we were at in the relationship that we were open to making connections with other people," Kyra said. "You come to Love Island to find connections, to see if there's other connections. And if you find a spark, if you find a connection with one person, new Islanders come in and you also could take every experience to test how strong your connection is and how strong your relationship is, which is exactly what happened. And we both came out of that experience together, knowing that everything he went through, everything I went through really emphasized the strength of what we do have."

Will, who said that he was upfront with Kyra about everything that happened with Flo, was in agreement. He said that the situation, while a bit dramatic, did make them "stronger" in the end. "I was looking [to] see if there was anything there [with Flo], but it wasn't," Will said. "Always, my connection was bigger with Kyra. And that was also like people not understand that that's the reason people go to Love Island to find connection and to find the higher connection. And I find my higher connection and I told Kyra right away after everything happened. And when ... we have to choose with stay with someone or with Kyra, I was hundred percent sure of Kyra."

Of course, fans saw that the pair, who made things official during their final date, were able to carry that bond all the way into the finale. But, what's next for Will and Kyra post-Love Island? The couple has plenty of travel plans coming up, including an upcoming visit to Will's native country of Colombia. "In the most recent days, we're going to try to travel a little bit and then back to normality to life and probably do a lot of adventure, work out together, and share so many time together (sic)," Will said. "Of course, we want to see how is our life outside of Villa, introducing our friends to each other, because that's really important too, to be back to the normality." He continued to say that they're not sure exactly what will be in store for them, but that there are "a lot of good things coming soon."

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