'Love Island USA': Flo Describes What She Told Kyra After Will Recoupling Drama (Exclusive)

Florence 'Flo' Mueller's time on Love Island USA may have been brief, but she definitely left her [...]

Florence "Flo" Mueller's time on Love Island USA may have been brief, but she definitely left her mark. Flo was one of several girls who joined the show during the Casa Amor portion of the season and soon formed a connection with Will Moncada. The only problem was that Will still had strong feelings for Kyra Lizama. When it was time for Will to choose whether he wanted to remain in a couple with Kyra or recouple with Flo, he stuck with his existing Love Island connection, which meant that Flo was dumped from the Villa. During an exclusive chat with PopCulture.com, Flo not only shared some details about how that recoupling actually went down, but she also shared her thoughts on Will and Kyra's relationship.

According to Flo, she and Will actually had a conversation about the recoupling beforehand. So, she wasn't too surprised that he picked Kyra. "We talked about it. And I had a feeling he was going to pick Kyra, just because he's such a great guy, and he has such a good heart," Flo explained. "I don't think he would do that to her. But he is the one that I wanted to talk to, and the one that I got along the best with. And I definitely don't regret my time there. And spending it with him, I really see how it's putting my eggs in the Will basket. But that's the only basket that I wanted to put them in."

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While Flo said that she has "no hard feelings" towards anyone involved in the situation, fans will recall that she did tear up during the recoupling. As for why she had an emotional reaction, Flo said that she couldn't help it after seeing Kyra in person. She said that she came into Casa Amor "without malicious intent," but that "something about seeing Kyra at that recoupling, it's like seeing her in person, as a woman, I just felt so bad. Even though I didn't do anything wrong, I just had empathy for her. And I had just started... I didn't cry the whole show. And then, at the recoupling, I just couldn't hold it in, and I started bawling."

Flo went on to say that viewers didn't get to see it, but she and Kyra actually shared a brief moment together before she left. She explained, "She probably didn't know what exactly was going on, because Will hadn't told her. But I went up to her, and I hugged her so tight, and I was like, 'You have such a great guy. You're so beautiful.' And it was just a woman-to-woman... I just felt for her. And then, Will saw that happening. And then, that's when I went to Will, and I was like, 'I feel bad.' And that's what they showed. But he was like, 'Don't feel bad. You didn't do anything wrong.'"

Considering that she spent a good deal of time with Will during her Love Island journey, Flo also had something to say about his relationship with Kyra. Even though she wasn't able to see the pair in action during her time on the show, she does have a specific take on their compatibility. "So, from what I saw, I just feel like they're very comfortable," Flo said. "And I just would hate for somebody to settle for something, just because they're comfortable, because that's not a way to live." She went on to say that she wishes them both the best but noted that the fact that she and Will were able to form a connection in such a short period of time is a possible cause for concern.

"But, if we had such an amazing connection, and he was considering me so hard after four days, versus two weeks with her, it just makes me think that maybe their connection isn't as strong as she thinks it is," she continued. "That's just me, personally. You know what I mean? If I have my eyes on somebody, I don't have my eyes on anybody else." Flo added, "I think the fact that he, we developed feelings for each other, it just means that either he has to work on it a little more with Kyra, or it might not work outside because there's so many other people in the outside world." Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.