'Little People, Big World' Star Tori Roloff Slams Body-Shaming Trolls Body-Shaming Amid Pregnancy

Between snapshots of family and pregnancy updates, Little People, Big World star, Tori Roloff is no stranger to sharing personal moments on her social media. But with the transparency comes a lack of compassion from a large number of followers — particularly trolls engaging in body-shaming the 28-year-old TLC personality as she gears up for her second baby with husband, Zach. But while the dark side of social media shows its ugly face, Roloff is not having it one bit and taking to her platform to hit back at haters.

In a post shared to her Instagram Story on Nov. 9, Roloff shared a message she received from a rude fan who body-shamed her for gaining so much weight, now nine months pregnant.

“I usually do not respond to ridiculousness like this. But what in the actual heck. I cannot believe women talk to other women like this. Calling me fat and unhealthy is the most disgusting thing ever,” Roloff wrote. “Comparing me to others is so detrimental. If you want me to be healthy for my family, you should be lifting me up not tearing me down. [Get the f— out]. I’m pregnant and myself and baby girl are healthy as can be.”

(Photo: Tori Roloff / @toriroloff)

In a subsequent post, Roloff explained why she decided to respond to the haters, sharing it was only to “remind everyone to be kind to one another.”

“This account is meant to be a place of love and kindness. For every terrible message I get, I get 47,293,739 messages of love,” she continued. “I love my fans so much and I love sharing my life with you all. Just remember to be kind to one another. Always. Thank you guys for always keeping it real with me. I’m only here to do me. And if that means eating a milkshake a day, guess what? I’M HERE FOR IT.”

While Roloff had some fans question her reasoning for sharing it at all, in a series of videos shared to her Instagram Stories, the soon-to-be mom-of-two set the record straight.

(Photo: Tori Roloff / @toriroloff)

“I also just want to clear up, I did not post that on my social media for me to say, ‘Woe is me,’ or ‘Feel sorry for me.’ No, that stuff does not affect me at all cause like I said, for one negative message I get, I get like thousands of just the sweetest message from you guys that I love and I do read them,” Roloff explained. “I put that on my social media only to point out that that’s never going to be acceptable on my social media, it should never be acceptable anywhere in the world for women to talk to other women like that. It’s just disgusting like, come on. We have better things to do than that.”


Roloff and her husband, Zach announced the news they were expecting their second child in a post shared to social media on May 13, revealing to fans that they are expecting a “sweet baby girl.”

Photo credit: YouTube / TLC, TLC Network