'Little People, Big World' Stars Matt and Amy Roloff Argue Over Farm's Future in Premiere Episode

The Season 14 premiere of Little People, Big World saw Amy and Matt Roloff figuring out the future of their beloved family farm, leading to some tension between the exes.

The TLC reality series finally returned with a new episode that saw the celebration of baby Jackson's first birthday party as the family pursued their own businesses, Zach and Tori worried about moving into their new home and the family farm's future remained a mystery.

At the beginning of the episode both Amy and Matt updated viewers on their lives, adding that their respective relationships are still going great. With the divorced duo still living together in the family farm, both of them admitted to thinking about possibly selling the property to move on with their lives, especially given that their kids have other professional interests in mind.

Later in the episode, Amy and Matt got together to discuss Jackson's birthday party, but the conversation became an argument after the subject of the future came up.

"Several months ago I asked Amy what she wants to do with the farm," Matt told the camera. "One of my frustrations is, you know, she's reluctant to make decisions often."

"I'm just confused this whole major decision is on me," Amy told Matt, complaining to the cameras why it should be her decision to make the first move on a sale.

"I just want to see motion. It doesn't have to be one big wrestling match, it can be done..." Matt told Amy, with tensions rising after he reminds her that he could just sell his half of the property and let her know in a letter, in accordance with their divorce settlement.

"I don't think it's going to be easy because I don't think he's going to like whatever I do," Amy admitted to the cameras as she was seen walking away from Matt at the end of the argument.

Amy and Zach met up later at the farm to prepare for the upcoming birthday celebration, and the pair discussed how it could be the last birthday the family will celebrate at the property.

"It's going to be a sad, sad day if we sell the farm, but also it's been a great thing for the last, you know — just because it goes away doesn't mean that negates all the greatness we had with it," Zach told the cameras.

While Jackson's birthday party went smoothly, Amy revealed in a side interview that she and Matt did not speak given the farm decision tension.


"Divorce definitely threw me for a loop. And now the kids are moving on... you blink and they're gone. I think that the fame and the kids are what have held me here... I do have to make some sort of decision soon because if not I'll feel like I'm always in limbo still."

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.