'Little People, Big World': Jeremy Roloff's Wife Audrey Dishes on Their 'Dreams' as a Couple

Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff just shared all about the 'dreams' that she and her [...]

Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff just shared all about the "dreams" that she and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, have as a couple. On Wednesday, Audrey took to Instagram to post a lengthy message about how she and Jeremy are pursuing mutual dreams and goals together. She even noted that their passion for pursuing those dreams was one of the first things they "connected" on.

Audrey began her message by asking her followers whether they "dream together as a couple." She then clarified that she's not talking about supporting each others' dreams but that she's referencing "pursuing a mutual dream TOGETHER." The reality star wrote that having mutual dreams was one of the things that she and Jeremy were able to connect on when they first began dating. She wrote that no matter what they were doing, they would always be able to agree on the fact that they want to pursue certain dreams together.

"Over a meal on date night, across a campfire, or on a run, our conversation would always circle back to our dreams—the big, audacious ones, like raising a family on a piece of land we would someday own, and the small, practical ones, like camping in the summertime," Audrey wrote. "As we vocalized our dreams, we realized we were aligned in so many of them—which was exciting and affirming. We both dreamed of traveling for a season—spending most of our days outside and living minimally. We dreamed of starting a ministry of some kind or writing a book that would inspire, encourage, and transform lives. We dreamed of owning a cabin one day, a place where we could embrace the slowed-down life."

Audrey continued to let her followers in on some of the dreams that she and Jeremy share, which include having a big family, living life within a dedicated community, and reading a ton of books. She continued to write that their "dream discussions" affirmed that they were meant to be together. The mom-of-two added, "And we've been dreaming together ever since. Dreaming together has unified our direction, aligned our resources, given us something to work towards together, and given us more purpose." She ended the message by urging her followers to listen to the latest episode of their podcast, Behind The Scenes, if they want to hear them discuss the topic even further.