'Little People, Big World' Fans Concerned After Matt Roloff's Latest Family Photo

A traditional family photo turned into a Roloff family fiasco that sparked concern among Little [...]

A traditional family photo turned into a Roloff family fiasco that sparked concern among Little People, Big World fans.

On Monday, Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff took to Instagram to share a photo of the entire Roloff crew sitting in front of the Roloff Farm pumpkin patch sign to kick off the second day of the pumpkin patch season for the family.

Joy quickly turned to worry for fans, however, when they pointed out that Zach Roloff was absent from the image.

(Photo: Instagram / @mattroloff)

"Best part about Pumpkin Season. The traditional family photo," Roloff captioned the image, showing himself and Amy Roloff sitting front and center, surrounded by their children and grandchildren. "So happy Molly and Joel came to town to say happy Birthday to me."

The photo, meant to be a sweet family picture celebrating the start of fall and pumpkin season, immediately sparked concern among fans, who were quick to point out that Zach was mysteriously missing from the family portrait.

"Where's Zack?" one worried fan commented.

"There's Zack who's missing," another person commented.

"Not a family photo without Zach!" one person wrote.

Other suggested that possibly Zach was taking a turn behind the camera and playing photographer.

However, Roloff didn't leave fans hanging for long and directly addressed the situation just two days later when he shared the same family picture zoomed out, revealing that he had accidentally cropped his son out of the image when uploading it to Instagram.

(Photo: Instagram / @mattroloff)

"I totally messed up my last post with this photo where I accidentally cropped Zach out. Whoops! Sorry Zach... how come you didn't bring it to my attention when I saw you and Jackson earlier today," he wrote. "Thankfully all wonderful folks on the 'gram' have us covered. And I got the memo loud and clear when I looked back at the comments. Thanks to everyone that pointed that out. I'll do better going forward— you can never believed how hard it is to pull these photos together.

To settle on sore feelings that may have been left by the small blip in the Instagram fiasco, Roloff shared another family photo that same day, this time with each member of the Roloff family present and nobody cropped out.

(Photo: Instagram / @mattroloff)

"As award for messing up the last photo.. I'll give you this one taken the same day. Except it was taken on a different part of the farm for a very different purpose. Soon as this project is complete we'll let everyone see it," he captioned the image.

It remains to be seen what the latest Roloff mystery surrounding the new project Roloff referenced will turn out to be.