'Little People, Big World' Star Amy Roloff Reveals Mother's Health Crisis, Says Her Body Is Weak

Amy Roloff is providing fans with an update on her mother Patricia Knight's health, revealing that a month after her hospitalization, her "body is week," the Little People, Big World star provided the update after traveling back to her home state of Michigan with boyfriend Chris Marek, Roloff sharing a photo to her Instagram account of herself enjoying a meal with her mother and father.

"This time the moments meant so much more—maybe because I'm not so sure when the next time I'll get to share a day, a conversation, a meal…w/my Mom and Dad," Roloff began the caption in part. "I'm thankful I got to make more moments with my mom and dad to bank in my memory and Chris was w/ me."

"My mom is hanging in there. She's still able to get around a little - she's determined and her mind is strong but her body is weak," Roloff added. "Just try to take time to appreciate moments everyday before they slip away. Love to you all."

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The health update comes amid an ongoing health crisis for Roloff's mother, who was hospitalized in early June, just days after Little People, Big World Season 19 had wrapped, with a bone infection.

At the time, Roloff revealed that she had traveled back home as her mother wasn't "doing so well," revealing in a second post days later that Knight's "heart is weak."

"Her heart is weak though and she gets tired easily but her mind is sharp," she wrote. "The transition of slowing down and not doing all she'd like to do will be hard. Just need to appreciate the moments, what she can do and the days that are left."

On June 11, Roloff revealed that the hospitalization had been the result of a bone infection and that her mother still required medical care.


"So wonderful to see and visit w/ my Dad (90), sister and my cousin Stacy," she wrote at the time. "Being back reminded me how much I miss them, family and friends and Michigan. I'm so bummed my mom couldn't come home yet but needs to stay in the hospital a little longer so they can take care of an infection in the bone of her finger still."

The 86-year-old Knight has since been discharged from the hospital and returned home to her husband, Amy's father Gordon. In the weeks since, Roloff has reflected on her time with her parents, frequently writing how thankful she is for each day that she has with them.