'Little People, Big World' Alum Audrey Roloff Admits She's 'Struggled' Her Whole Life in Tender Snapshot With Daughter Ember

Audrey Roloff is speaking candidly about her struggles. The Little People, Big World star admitted she's been "overcommitting" for much of her life in a sweet Instagram post featuring her daughter.

Roloff said in her post that she has a tendency to be impatient with herself. The TLC personality detailed a need to "squeeze the potential out of life," which has led to a lack of presence. After much reflection, she said she realized "running, hurrying and hustling is robbing me from experiencing" a lot of life.

"The truth is, love really is patient, the most joyful moments of my life are unhurried, and I experience the most peace when I slow the heck down," she wrote. "In a world that glorifies busy, praises the hustle, and pressures us into the fast-pace life, as Daniel Tiger says, 'Sometimes it's good to go slow.'"

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Fans praised her for her honesty, and several even agreed that they had experienced similar struggles in their own lives. Some recommended resources on slowing down to experience life more fully, too.

"Exactly how I feel," one fan commented.

"I could have written this girlfriend! Such a beautiful [message]," another gushed.

"Great advice. Time goes by so quickly and you can never go back and get these years back so slow down and enjoy them while you still can," a third commented.

Roloff is known for her openness with fans. In April, she and Jeremy Roloff released a tell-all book called "A Love Letter Life." In it, she talks about her relationship with her now-husband, and more. According to Good Housekeeping, Audrey admitted in the book that she and Jeremy haven't always had the perfect relationship.

In one portion of the book, Audrey revealed that she and Jeremy — who have been married for close to five years now — broke up after nearly two years together. At the time, the pair were in college and in a long-distance relationship. Audrey was dealing with the pressures of their romance, stress from school and gastrointestinal problems. She fainted while out on a run, which she believes may have been brought on by anxiety, and decided it was time to cut something from her life.

"I was so stressed from being sick that I began to wonder if stress was what was actually making me sick. If my illness continued, I was scared that Jeremy's emotional walls might prevent him from loving me through it. In an effort to prevent future heartache, I had to break up with him before that point," she wrote.


While they were broken up, Jeremy developed a relationship with another woman. The romance didn't work out, and he and Audrey wound up together, but their issues weren't quite over. In the book, Audrey and Jeremy revealed that he'd been looking at pornography behind Audrey's back. It started when they first met, and continued on-and-off throughout the early stages of their marriage. Eventually he came clean, but Audrey was hurt by his secret.

"Audrey was devastated. My behavior had fractured our trust, scarred our intimacy, and broken our unity. I remember thinking, I love her so much. Why do I keep doing this? Yes, I loved her, but to what extent? We show our love for others by how we treat them. So if I said I loved her but chose to do something that hurt her, there's a discrepancy there that I needed to reckon with," he wrote.