Lauren Bushnell 'Cherishing Alone Time' Following Split From Devin Antin

The Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell is breaking her silence about her split from Devin Antin.

Tuesday at Rachel Zoe's Spring 2019 Los Angeles Presentation, the 28-year-old told Us Weekly of her split from Antin: "Not everything works out, but it's good to give it a try and give it your best."

Bushnell and her beau had dated for more than a year before splitting in August. Her high-profile relationship before that was her engagement to Ben Higgins during the 2016 season finale of The Bachelor. The couple called off their wedding in May 2017.

Right now, Bushnell is staying away from relationships, she admitted. "Not right now, no. I'm gonna need a second. It's funny," she said. "I always was so scared to be alone, but now I'm really cherishing the alone time to grow and reflect on what worked and what didn't and really make sure I take my time this time around, because I did kind of rush into it last time I think, so I'm actually very much … I'm very content on my own right now."

She also had plenty of advice for other people going through a similar split. "A breakup is hard, especially the first few weeks or month. It's hard when you have to see the person, so I think it's good to unfollow and not to be petty or anything, but just so you don't have to see what they're doing," she explained. "It's not healthy to know what the other person is doing all the time, and I think that in today's day and age is what makes the breakup really hard," she said, adding, "Surround yourself with family and friends, but also take time to be sad and, like, it's OK to cry, it's OK to feel things. It's actually really good to feel it rather than just numb yourself."

For a next step in her personal life, Bushnell said she wants to "physically make a list of what I want and what I don't want" in her next partner, but that she values a sense of humor, a good personality and similar values and life goals.

And that doesn't necessarily rule out a fellow member of Bachelor Nation! "I feel like I'm in an open place where I want to settle down, I want to meet that person that I can spend my life with, and I would never close a door before it's open," she added.


Photo credit: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Love is Louder