Kim Zolciak Biermann's Daughter Burgled in 'Don't Be Tardy' Season 7 Trailer

Kim Zolciak Biermann's reality show, Don't Be Tardy, returns for its seventh season in February, and the family used social media on Tuesday, Jan. 8 to drop a brand-new teaser for the Bravo series.

Along with the family's trademark funny moments, the trailer also takes a scary turn when it offers footage of the burglary of Biermann's daughter Brielle Biermann, which happened in March 2018.

"At 2:18 am, they came in through the gate," Zolciak Biermann says in the clip as security camera footage of the thieves appears on screen. "This changes everything."

The thieves broke into Biermann's car and took her Chanel purse and Chanel wallet along with three of the 21-year-old's credit cards, which were charged for over $4,700.

This season, Biermann will also experience more life-changing moments as she deals with her breakup with Michael Kopech, which also happened in March. Meanwhile, her younger sister Ariana is smitten with boyfriend Collin Lipman.

"The roles are really reversed," Zolciak Biermann notes in the trailer. "Ariana's in love. Brielle's going through this breakup."

Still, Brielle is ready to jump back into dating, declaring, "I'm going to date everybody I can until I find Mr. Perfect."

She also contemplates moving out, something she worries about discussing with her mom.

"I really feel like me moving out is just gonna break her old lady heart," Brielle confesses to Ariana as the two stand in an empty apartment.

Brielle's social media followers know that she did eventually move out of her family's house, and now lives in her own apartment in Atlanta.

As for the rest of the family, viewers will get to see Zolciak Biermann reunite with her brother, who she hasn't seen in 16 years. The meeting comes several years after the reality star had a falling out with her parents after her 2011 wedding to husband Kroy Biermann.

"Does Mom and Dad know you're here?" the mom of six asks her brother in the trailer, to which he replies, "No."

Meanwhile, the 40-year-old makes her return to the music world with her single "Wig," while her husband gets into the coffee business with help from Chef Tracey.

The couple's other children, KJ, Kash, Kaia and Kane, also make appearances in the footage, joining their family on a beach vacation and asking each other about life at school. Kaia even chats about her older sisters with Tracey, noting that Brielle has been "eating a lot of poop and ice cream" after her breakup.


Don't Be Tardy returns to Bravo with two back-to-back episodes on Sunday, Feb. 17 at 9 p.m. ET.

Photo Credit: Getty / David Livingston